San Quintin 9/03 thru 9/06

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by SeaDawg, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. SeaDawg

    Looks like it's time for another run to San Quintin. MikeyLikesIt has Kelly's Parker reserved for 2 or 3 days in there somewhere, and I have a crew ready to roll that way. Yes, thats how we roll :)

    I usually leave my house at 4:30am and have my boat in the water by 11am, mostly earlier than that, and get a 1/2 day fishing in, then fish 2 full days afterwards and tow home the 4th day.

    We have had some really fun trips down here, 4 or 5 boats, 10 - 15 guys :gay: We usually stay at the Old Mill.

    I know, the YFT havn't even got HERE yet, and the furthest thing from your mind is a trip to San Quintin. But, it is some beautiful down there in the fall, so just a little post now to get the idea planted. Only 6 weeks actually huh :)
  2. aguachico

    Man that will be fun. Who is the channel leader?
  3. FishWiz

    Wish I had a boat that could go down there or crew invite.. every year has been excellent.
  4. MikeyLikesIt

    K&M sportfishing! Kelly is the man! :D

    my group will be traveling on Wed. sept 5, fishing with Kelly on the 6th and 7th, and headed home on Sat. the 8th.
    (Byeye, SDAngler, Notorius SUA, and myself) I hope I survive the laughs!
  5. aguachico

    Cool Mike;

    I thought you guys were down a few weeks ago. I got my months screwed. I learned last time that GPS marking are only good for a months. The sandbars shift with full moon. Maybe they were pulling leg.

    Can you imagine the poor souls that enter SQ bay not knowing about the combers? That shit as tricky.
  6. Calico Bob

    Inshore, offshore or a little of both? Where to ?
  7. SeaDawg

    Depends whats happening. K&M Charters will know. Last time I went down this time of year we got Dodo and YT on paddies. We can hit the bottom spots if nothing is happening offshore, wait and see I guess :)
  8. Sea Esta

    You ladies might want to ask Kelly about running South down the coast that time of year. "way South" ;)
  9. SeaDawg

    You gonna be down Roy?
  10. Sea Esta

  11. MikeyLikesIt

    cool........yeppers, we be running waay down the beach, if its happening......

  12. Smelt_one

    I remeber my first time down there with a boat. The first morning was somewhat fogged in....but you could see about 50-100 yds. I followed a boat out most of the way...until he lost me. I turned right... into false bay (just before the mouth of SQ bay) and soon after I saw the bottom of the bay...with metal pipes sticking out...about a foot from the water surface...OMFG... I quickly learned why they called it false bay. Luckly I turned around and got the f...out of there....and proceeded outward.
  13. SeaDawg

    Shameless Bump :) You would think someone would give us a sticky on this trip huh :rofl:

    This trip is getting close and quickly. Always a really good time in San Quintin. I am adjusting my dates to match Mikey & company. We will be leaving my house at 4am on Wed Sept 5th. Should have the boat in the water by 11am, fish half a day for dinner that night, then fish thursday and friday, and have a nice easy drive home Saturday :)

    Not too late to jump in on this trip and caravan down.............
  14. Papa "J"

    I'll have room for 1 or 2 for the ride down.

    I was counting the minutes, but now I'm counting the seconds. I love that place.
  15. Sluester

    I'd be going on the trip but the other hunting season starts that week. Good luck Gents.
  16. SeaDawg

    Shameless Bump :)

    Man, what a shame, only 4 of us going with my boat. We look forward to these SQ trips and try to go twice a year. I don't believe there is this quality of a trip where 3 days of fishing, rooms and gas for 2 vehicles costs less than $300 bucks :) You can't take a 1 1/2 day trip for that :)
  17. SeaDawg

    Shameless bump :)

    Not too late to join us you know :)

    Very in-expensive trip, 3 days of peace and quite and great fishing.

    Me, PapaJ, EdTheLingCodKillinMotherFucker, and MikeyLikesIt are leaving my house at approximately 4am on Sept 5th. We will have the boat in the water by 11am and get in a half day of fishing, then fish all day Thursday and Friday, and then take a nice slow ride home on Saturday. Eating a variety of fish tacos and whatever else is for sale along the road.

    You have a boat but not a crew????????????

    Not 2 late to get one :)

  18. GUERO

    money is not the problem, it's the time off Harry, I'd love to roll
  19. SeaDawg

    Got this photo in an email fish report from San Quintin today. There was no write up, just a picture :)

  20. J.T. Notick

    Hi my name is JT and I live in N. County.
    I fished SQ bay about 25 yrs ago.

    I have a 21 CC with a 70 fule tank. Would that work for this trip?

    My only problem is I have no crew.