San Quintin 8/12-8/14

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Chaka, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. Chaka

    Towed down to San quintin friday, arriving in the afternoon. Stayed at the old mill, both hotels were pretty full with a lot of fisherman and off road guys.

    Went down to the ramp to see what people were bringing in. A large group from L.A.(8 boats total) were pulling there boats out of the water. They had a few Dorado, Yellowtail, and halibut(bay). Stoked! seemed promising. Told us they were only 12 miles out.

    Saturday: made easy bait in the bay. Headed outside, were the water was 69 and blue/purple only 10 miles from the point. Greasy flat conditions as well. Searched for paddies till around 11am, could not find one to save our lives. Went out as far as 20 miles and 10 miles north and south. Baited a marlin, but no go. Headed over to San Martin to slow troll mackies. Hooked two yellows but only boated one. Caught some big bonito as well. finished the day at some high points for lingcod and whitefish. Talked to the guys from L.A. on the radio, they spent the entire day outside for not much. coulpe of them had a tail or two, one of them had a Dorado. Said they found very few paddies, with some holding large amounts of dorado and yellows that would not bite. Back at the hotels I saw mostly rockfish being filleted. With some boats getting skunks for the day. Tough day for the pelagics.

    Sunday: Made easy bait again. also caught a bonefish on the sabiki rig while making bait. Did not know they were in that bay. headed outside again in hopes of the magic paddy. Little bumpy sunday, found a few paddies, with no one home. Most people fished inshore today, and were doing good on bottom fish. At 10am we came back inside for some bottom fishing. Great lingcod fishing with the mackies on the dropper loop. Caught one that went 19lbs on the spring scale. Called it a day at noon as we were headed back to san diego. Heard one boat on the radio with a 22lb Dorado, but seemed slow again outside.

    Had a great time overall. Caught fish, although not what we were looking for. Met some cool people. Ate well at the restaurants( had the rock crab at don eddis, which was awesome but a lot of work and messy). Will be heading back again soon hopefully.

    Overall, the fishing was slow on the outside from what I gathered from the fleet. The fish are there, just have to find that good paddy, and hope there in the mood to bite. Friday was good, as ussual should have been there yesterday.



  2. newport local

    Looks like a good time, congrats. I love it there,Old Mill is fun, only problem, I never want to come back.
  3. ZZZZZ

    First Bone fish I have heard of out of there. Cool I dont think those are common.

    Nice Linger..... Glad SQ back up plan worked and a Forkie to boot.
  4. BabyGiant

    thanks for the report.... too bad no go pelagics
  5. BabyGiant

    I forgot.... any pic's on the Bonefish and how big was it?? I've heard of bonefish occasionally being caught up and down this coast in some of the bays.
  6. ILove2Fish

    Nice Lings! Nice report. Thanks.
  7. Chaka

    I didn't get a picture. I have caught them in san diego bay, this one was bigger than the ones in sd bay. maybe 2-3lbs.
  8. Gary T

    That's San Quentin!, Lot's of promise and always fun! Jim, Nancy and Javier are great host!
    Gary T
  9. joebalo

    Good chit Terry.

    Stoked you guys got down there and caught some feesh.

    I fished sunday at the nados and caught one HUGE sand dab.
  10. baja_driver

    its a great layover..have gotten bone fish that size in SD bay also. nice ling's.
  11. zz4pl1

    Hey Gary T. I'm about ready for another 4 day trip to SQ. What do ya say?