San Quintin 5/4 & 5/5

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by hustlur, May 7, 2007.

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  1. hustlur

    Decided to hit up San quintin for the Cinco de Mayo weekend, knowing that it would be a light crowd in Mexico. Day One: We got to Pedros around 5:00 A.M. and the wind was howling. It's windy as shit!!!:cussing:We decided to hold off as our Captain wants to wait and check with the other pangas if the mouth was accessible. We told him just go, and we made out of the mouth wet.:shake: Nice 3-5 foot swells greeted us out towards the 240. It was slim pickings from there with irons, until it went WFO on Giant Squirts. We forgot about the swells and enjoyed something at least pulling drag. We finally headed to the bay around 10 A.M. and decided to drift for some halis, yet no love. We ended up with 19 squirts, with smallest at 20lbs and the largest shy of 45lbs. Lots of calamari, and a handfull of reds. I was contemplating on going back home the same day, yet my buddy said to suck it up and wait until tommorow, because the weather may be better.:beerbang:

    Day Two: Arrived at Pedros around 5:30 A.M. and Lilo was on deck.(One of the top Captains in SQ IMO.) No wind, looks great already.:D We decided to hit up San Martin to hunt Yellows, yet the winds picked up again and it was a roller coaster ride.:cussing::eek: So, here we are back at the 240 drifting for Reds. We all decided to use no bait, and got a bounty of Reds in the 3lb to 5lb range on Blue/Silver Tady 4/0's. That was it all day drifting pass the rock, and it was guaranteed hookup. Water was dirty, yet I know it's going to be WFO very soon.:beerbang: I guess we needed to pay dues to the SQ fish Gods. As for all the squirts, and some fish. We gave over 350lbs of fillets to an orphange by La Fonda. It's called DOOR OF FAITH ORPHANAGE. It's ran by a couple from HB(DJ & Lynette), and been doing it 13 years strong. If any of you BD'ers out there has some fish to spare on the way back from SQ, Castros, La Bocanna, Ensenada, etc.. you guys could always contact DJ or Lynette and you will help feed 115 orphans plus the staff. I am just glad that we can help. You guys could call them at 011-52-646-155-0111 or Well tha's that, and hope to see you MOFOS on the water.


    P.S. I'll post pics later.

    Great post Hustler.. I had a group of 24 fisherman the same time you were
  3. Mo Betta

  4. jesse

    thats cool dude:)
  5. hustlur

    Hopefully they do the contest in July, no matter what we'll be there. Let's get a crew together for July.
  6. tunaman280

    nice post bro! sucks i wasnt able to make it with you guys. lets see some pictures. i wanna see what i missed. lets hit long beach after i get the boat back. later bro
  7. captainkelly

    Good job guys!
  8. hustlur

    Yo Kelly,

    I'm trying to get a big group to come on July 12-15. Let me know if you are booked.