San Quintin 5-14

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by locobro, May 16, 2005.

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  1. locobro

    We headed down on Friday afternoon, took about five hours to drive and pulled into Don Eddie's about sunset. We went out on their Skipjack with Antonio - good guide- and made bait in no time, all Macks 8-12" and hoped to get into some of the yellow kind. Really glad we didn't try and brave that bay with our boat the first time out, that is one long ass inlet.

    The water was dirty but there was no wind to speak of. Water temp was cold..around 59-60. We were hoping that with things warmin up like they are in SD that it would be even better down there...not so much.

    First fish of the day was a 20-ish yellow at the 240 ( rocky stucture just under the water - looks like a boat killer) my first yellow of the year..damn fun to pull on something with shoulders. Next bait down gets hit hard but I pulled early and was reminded that the big baits need more time. That was it for that spot so we headed over to another boat killin high spot, gotta be a graveyard under there, would love to check it out under water.

    The rest of the day was big lings and redfish, all you wanted. Should have tried gettin jiggy for the BSB, but had a blast pullin up fish all afternoon.

    The water on the way in cleaned up a bit and was bright blue with whales truckin by, just beautiful. Had the guys in the restaraunt make up some ling ceviche and kicked it the rest of the evening, fun place, lot's of fisherman and plenty of bullshit flying... we fit right in.

    Great trip with the best fishing partner IN THE WORLD :), we laughed our ass off and had a great day on the water, ate like kings and the cost was reasonable.


  2. ILove2Fish

    Sounds like a good trip, I'm jealous!
  3. sealskinner

    Thats the shit right there. I'm going down there in 2 months, staying for a week. I can't wait. Have they graded the road? or is still a washboard?

    Sounds like you had a fine trip. Well done. It's always great to fill the freezer.:cross: :cross: :cross:
  4. locobro

    Only five minutes of bad road in 225 miles is tolerable though. In two months that place should be rockin, sounds like a great plan stayin for a week, thats the way to slay em man, the quick trips are fun but just a tease.

    Do you tow down or charter from there? With the price of gas the lines are gettin blurry on whats the better deal...I'd probaby go panga/super panga if I were to pay one of the guys, the extra bucks for the skippy didn't seem like a value but then again, we weren't out there too far...
  5. pfish

    I was down there about a month ago. Could not believe how bad the road is getting into the Old Mill / Don Eddies. Ay caramba! Put a blade to that thing. Boaters could easily pop a spring or axle.....