San Quintin 2-16 thru 2-19

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by SeaDawg, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. SeaDawg

    I am leaving my house at 0400 on 16 February for San Quintin. The plan is to be fishing by 11am on the 16th, fish the 17th and 18th, and take our time coming home on the 19th :) Anyone want to caravan down? Last time we had a pretty good group, cept they had no sense of humor when it came to a squid winning the jackpot for the day :rofl:

    Anyone one for a trip to San Quintin? Plenty of planning time between now and then :)

    Here are a couple of pictures from last February :cheers:

    DSC01202.JPG DSC01245.JPG DSC01198.JPG
  2. MikeyLikesIt

    Im in if Im fishing on your boat...... I'll tow the boat, too. :D
  3. calico hunter

    i will be heading down thier this month for chrismas and bass at some propery we own. the fucking seabass are HUGE.
  4. MikeyLikesIt

    Well, Harry has a full boat, so if anybody else is interested in going, Im willing to tow your ride...... (assuming you have a decent trailer.... :rolleyes:)

    I know the way.

    This trip was alot of fun last year!

    Maybe several of us should get together and book with Kelly?
    (any interest in that?)
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    I'm in if I can be somebody's ho as well, I'm scared to take my boat to Mex on landgayz:
  6. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    I'd be up for some of that action:)
  7. Sluester

    I'm in either way. If I can't find a ride I'm up to booking a ride. :cheers:
  8. Enfuego

    I am in if I have a ride. I will ask a buddy tonight.
  9. MikeyLikesIt

    I'll call Kelly tommorrow.......

    Im thinking book him for fishing the 17th and 18th, and follow the pack home on monday the 19th......that gives us all day Friday to get there......w/o leaving at o'dark thirty.......

    I'll get details, but I think we can fish 4 from his Parker......
  10. BasSectomy

    San Q!

    Hmmmmmm. I'll give that some thought.
    Had a really good time last trip.
  11. progress_1

    Sound fun to me....i need to check my mex boat permit i cant remember when i got it.
    Count me in.
  12. saravonshep

    This sounds like a fun trip. I havent been out of San Q fishing. Ive got a few questions...Im gonna guess their is a boat launch their, I pull a 20ft Skipjack open with a F150 4X2, would their be any problem launching or retrieving my boat? Ive been down to mulege and loreto with no problemo. THANKS
  13. Sluester

    Shouldn't be a problem with the boat. We pulled that 25 parker out with a 2wd. We had a pretty good caravan going last year. That's the way to roll if you go down.

    Mikey, did you contact Kelly or no?
  14. MikeyLikesIt

    yes, waiting confirmation for fishing Feb 17 and 18.....with Kelly.
  15. denis

    just talked to Kelly 2 days agon there's still yellows around
  16. Swazi truck isn't a 2 WD, Mike...:)
  17. Sluester

    :rofl: It's got 2 wheels don't it? You going down with us again this time?
  18. Swazi

    Only if you come with me Mike. gayz:
  19. Sluester

    cum or come? You snore too much.:nutkick:
  20. Swazi

    Shittttttt...I don't even remember sleeping during last years trip.

    Ok I'm in with my buddy Dwight and you too Mike. Lets do it. Not taking a boat this year, gonna fish with the local talent.