San Quintin 07-28

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by recon3325, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. recon3325

    Oscar put us on some great fish about 35 miles out. Found some good paddies. 6 Yellowtail 18-22 lbs, a nice 31 lb Dorado, and found the dolphin running with the tuna on the way in. Picked up three of them between 14 and 22lbs.

    Jumped in and and shot a nice do-do but he riped off through the gills. Dam!! I had a small rupture in my inner ear two weeks before the trip so I didn't want to dive down to grab him. Just fought him from the surface as I swam to the boat and he came off half way there.

    Got seasick for the first time. I wonder if it had anything to do with the ear rupture. After it happened I felt sick for the next two days. I guess my equilibrium is still a bit off. I just wish the dam ringing would go away!

    tuna.jpg all.jpg do-do.jpg
  2. Hard Core

    Awesome post and pics.

    I haven't fished out of SQ in a long time, is the channel to get out of the bay well marked?

  3. recon3325

    I didn't see many markers and there are definitely a quite a few areas to avoid. I would be a little nervous the first time out. Id just follow the boats out in the morning and come in on the same route with the G.P.S. We have gone with K&M for the last four years and are always extremely happy. Ivan and Oscar are great skippers.
  4. Vigilant32

    I have been boating and diving for 30 years. For the last 20 or so I have gotten seasick since hurting my inner ear while diving.. Before that it was only occasional, now, every time unless I medicate.
  5. jimikinz

    If you have ringing there is a strong possibility that you damaged your round window also. I did about 5 years ago...and its still ringing. Maybe check back with the doc and see what's up? And it can really screw with your equilibrium too, so that may be part of your seasickness.
  6. cbuzzetti

    Hire a local skipper (usually $50) for your first time out of SQ. Pay close attention to the tides. The path that you take at high tide may not be deep enough at low tide.
    Check out SQ on Google earth I believe you can see the channel. This will also give you GPS numbers.
    Once you get it figured out it is easy.
  7. out of reach

    The ringing might not ever stop, but eventually you just won't notice it. Get it checked often until your sure nothing else is going on - one ear is not a good thing.