San Quinten 8/6 BOAT SINKS

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by RAN, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. RAN

    We had 4 boats lined up with MENO. Got all 4 boats, very strange assortment...A 26 foot panga, 20ft bayliner, 20ft Mako, 20 ft Pursuit. To make a long story short the Pursuit sunk 22 miles out. We had just put out trolling lines when we spotted a paddy.We had gotten 2 of the lines in when the Pursuit came charging up to the paddy.....The 3rd line was snagged. But what it snagged was the important part!!!! Meno had tied a string to the boat plug and then tied it to the outdrive. The string was snagged and the plug was pulled. It took about about 3 minutes to nottice the problem.The boat was getting a visable tilt bow to stern. At this point the Capt. stepped to the stern looking down (I guess to see what was going on).And of course a wave came right on over. Within 15 seconds the boat twisted and went vertical stern down. Greg and Erik were thrown into the water clear of the boat but the Capt. held on briefly and almost didn't get clear. Nobody was able to grab anything including life vest. Luckly we were only a 100 feet away. Erik was first to our boat and we got him in quickly, he was wearing a light weight nylon jacket. Greg was having a tough time, long pants and a fleece jacket, but we were finally able to get a hold on him and dragged him in...the Capt. came in last. All of them had thoese big eyes like a dear in your head lights. The boat was completely gone within 5 mins. Our third showed up and helped us transport 2 of our cold wet passangers back to port. 3 boats fished a total of 5 mins. each. Meno refused any kind of refund for that day. We were given our money back for the next day because we refused to go back out in his boats. Two of the 4 Capts. could not even find there way back to port. No dorado were caught and I only heard of 1 tuna and 4 good sized yellowtail, a lot of bass.......Rick
  2. ILove2Fish

    Damn! That is amazing. Goes to show just how fast it can happen.
  3. ezlimitz

    So any ideas on what the string was for? What kind of "string" would pull out a threaded bronze plug?

    Anyway, good that everyone got out of the water.

  4. pascuale

    Who is Meno?
  5. dctrjayyy

    Rick ~

    Sorry about that brotha. I heard about it yesterday but didn't know who it was. Glad to hear that everyone made it back in one piece. No refund after they sink a fucking boat? Give me a break, it's like a few of those guys down there have lost it.

    There were a lot of boats out Saturday. They were putting people in anything that floats with guides that had fished only a few times in their life.

    I'm only fishing with Kelly from now on down there (the big 28ft Amato with cabin) or his son. He said he has a 25 ft Parker on the way too.

    Welcome back,
  6. RAN

    Joshua, Where can we find Kelly? The string was a nylon cord tied to the plug(removable pull type) so it would not be lost when trailered. HA!
  7. dctrjayyy

    Capt. Kelly Catian, K&M Offshore Sportfishing
    (949) 370-6532

    The Offshore I is a 28-foot Forward Pilothouse with a 13-foot whaleback deck, flybridge, sleeping berth, flushing marine head (toilet), full electronics, 80 gallon bait tank, raw water wash down, powered by a Yamaha 225 h.p., 4-stroke, and a Yamaha 9.9 4-stroke emergency kicker motor. Also a 6 man offshore life raft, and much more, and its all brand new!!! Fully licensed and insured.

    Kelly is an American who moved down, married and stayed. He used to work for Alberto (Tiburons) when he was younger and then ran El Capitan Sportfishing. He knows his shit, catches fish, knows how to take care of clients and run a business.

    5 can fish on the big boat but he has two of the nice 25ft amatos also which his sons run. I'll let you know when I book my next trip with him if you want to join us.
  8. aguachico

    In this situation, would it be possible to drain the stern by running the boat?

    I met Kelly a few months back at Amato's. He was checking out his new cabin cruiser. He was a good guy.
  9. Ali Admin


    That is some scary shit.

    I still don't understand the string on the plug issue...
  10. RAN

    In the first 3 mins. no one realized the boat was taking on water. When the boat began to tilt if they had hit the gas that might have worked, depending on if they could get any kind of speed. But when the Capt. stepped back the boat took a wave over the stern and sank within 15 sec..................The string/cord was attached to a removable drain plug. The cord hung down with about a 1 foot loop between it and the outdrive. Rick
  11. ?? fisherman

    It sounds like some serious operator/captain error.

    A pull out type plug with the outside rubber type linning should never be installed from the OUTSIDE of the boat, and instead should be installed from the inside of the boat. The threaded brass plugs are installed on the outside and cannot be pulled out since they are threaded, and its always a good idea to carry a spare or three.

    Its amazing (even though I have heard it many times each year) just how quickly a boat goes down once taking on water! Pretty scary thought for sure, and something most of us dont like to think about, but it just goes to show you that if you are found in this situation you need to try your best to keep a level head and at the same time have designated people doing their things such as getting all the life jackets/handheld out while someone is hailing a mayday/location and such, as there is no time for fumbling around.

    This is another reason besides the obvious rude factor that I hate hearing all the goof balls that have nothing better to do when the fishing is slow then to start playing around on CH 72 and cussing and and carrying on with stupid crap. That radio trully isnt a toy and the fact is it's one of the most important pieces of equipment on your boat, and you can bet those boneheads who tie up the radio with their Poo Poo talk :D will be the first ones bumming when their boat starts to go down and they cant get a mayday off because of a bunch of squaking idiots.

    Yeah I know that Ch 16 is the channel for your mayday, but you can bet if I am going down somewhere on the inner/outer banks and I have seen boats thru out the day I am definetely going to make a call out on 72 as well....... theres no question about it.

    I know many people will say to just turn down your radio when the swearing and garbage talk starts, and trust me, when my little girl and other kids are with me then I might think about it since I really dont want them hearing some of the crap thats being said on the radio, but the truth is not one of us should really be turning down or off our radios, because not only am I listening to it to hear whats going on but also for the sole reason that if someone is in trouble and the numbers are giving out, you can bet your ass I will be running over there asap to help out regardless if it's the kook that was abusing the radio or not.

    Keep it clean on the radio and if you know someone abusing it then set them straight, cause its not just a bunch of guys out on the water, its kids/families/ out of town guests/ moms and dads/ grammas & grampas.

    The unknown fisherman :p
  12. Dos Locos

    Solid post Mike, well said bro.
  13. navy_fish

    Glad to hear everyone came home safe. Did the boat you went out on have anything to do with Don Eddie's or Pedro's Pangas? I've been wanting to go down there and fish with one of the two, but if it was one of theirs I'll pass.
  14. dctrjayyy

    No, I think it was one of Meno's.

    Some of the guys at Pedros and Don Eddies are good and some are just boat drivers. I ended up being passed off to the Yolanda from Don Eddies on Sat. with a third string boat driver. At least we got back in.
  15. Saluki

    Damn it!!!

    Glad you all made it back safely.
  16. MORGS

    damm that is some scarey fucked up shit. glad everyone made it out ok
  17. BabyGiant

    yes it is possible- I've had to do it once before./ I was at SCI on a center console 22 or 23' fisherman. It was a friends boat and I was the mechanic for it after he killed it( he ran it with out oil and it's a 2 stroke). Anyway back to the story, I was doing a routine check of the bilge,batteries, oil (2 stroke with oil mixer) and we had taken on lots, I mean lots of water. The boat was a solid foam core and unsinkable but everything in the bilge was under water and the pump crapped out. So we started the engine, pulled the hull plug and gunned it. Took a few minutes but we cleared all the water. Those guys could have been okay if they would have gotten that boat moving at any speed over 10 knots and would have at least gotten the boat back to the dock.

    I'm glad that everyone is okay and got home safe. That being said, I think it is funnier than shit that this KooK was trying to save a bildge plug and instead lost the boat. IMHO- I rather lose a buck or 10.
  18. kingfishrun

    I ran up on a 42' boat sinking in the gulf. crazy shizzle.
  19. ZZZZZ

    Glad everyone was okay.

    Glad I have Kelly's info too becuase Iam tired of following him around and would rather just fish with him. LOL

    If anyone remembers that article (may day may day in PCS) we saw that boat sink and helped the people my bro took those pics. I just tried loading pics of the panga sinking in SQ on the 240/breaker but my images are too big.
  20. Mo Betta

    Its tough not to just turn it off, so I will just switch to 16. Everyone knows who to use flares and smoke I hope?