San Martin Island

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by sdangler, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. sdangler

    Our 2 day this weekend has been changed from an Albie trip to a 150 mile run to San Martin Island. Can anyone help me with what sort of gear one would take? Fishing is for YFT, YT, and Dorado.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Dos Locos

    San Martin is good fishing for surface YT so a 30# rig would work for that. Take a 40# for the dropper loop YT also. The checkerboards can be really good there too so have an outfit for them too. When all else fails, the bottom fishing for lings and such is good as well.
  3. Ali Admin

    40# yoyo, 30# surface Iron, 30# bait and some light stuff for inshore.

    Lot's of yoyo/dropper loop fishing.

    There is some great fishing there.

    Have fun.
  4. sdangler

    Thanks... I've never been there before.

  5. Ali Admin

    Send down a few rockfish for BIG Lings.

    The bottom fishing is worth the trip.
  6. aguachico

    Bottom fishing. Lotsa of lead. Some yt, but not much. When your sporty setups up "Ben's rock", be the first one downwith a deen or an iron to catch the big yt with 40-60# test. After that bite slows, bottom fish and drink beer.

    I'm surprised your trip is not going to scour the lower 500 for yft. I personlly would rather get skunked lookiing for tuna and paddies then bottom fish.

    Good luck

  7. sdangler

    I'm not sure if we're going to pick our way down or sprint. It's the Legend and I trust the skipper. We're leaving early.

  8. Nawcitoff


    I just got the word. I am really excited to go down there. I've never been there either. I think we can look forward to so nice sized YT and they have been finding the DoDo and YFT on the paddies. See you at the landing,

    Rusty sends
  9. wiredawg

    I fished there the last 2 years in the fall on a 2.5 day trip and on the way home from a 4.5 day trip. I have slayed the YT both times on Salas 6X and tady 4/0 in scambled egg color.

    Last year I was the hot stick for YT at San Martin (tor20, 700M, on 40lb), in about 4 or 5 hours we fished there I probally caught 10+ decient YT up to 25lbs (no monsters but still much fun). I would cast out as far as I could and let the jig sink for a 15 count and work the jig back in. I had a blast we were catching good numbers of YT with bonito mixed in also.

  10. ZZZZZ

    If Iam reading this right it sounds like you are fishing on the outside of San Martin not the actual Island?

    If you are on the outside just your basic local Tunafish gear. Albacore gear and maybe a meat stick/big fish.

    Kelps, Porpoise, Whales,jumpers, ect. same deal
  11. bluto

    I went there last year at this time yft out from the island about 15 mi 2 marlin and a mako were caught. lots of calicos at the island and a few yt ,and beautiful sunsets and sunrise. you will have a blast
  12. Steve K

    A word of caution. Take some wire and use it for trolling. I heard from a very reputable source that there have been some bite offs, no doubt from wahoo off kelps in "that area." Worst case scenario is that you'll catch a fat Bigeye, (where's the downside on that?) Some weird stuff is going on out there; the warm water push is alarmingly fast. From the Angler's website, a report on a paddy they marked:

    "We were very fortunate that we ended up finding a kelp that had a school on it and when we stopped, every bait that hit the water was an instant bite. That action went on for a little while as everybody had the opportunity to put a few fish aboard. The interesting thing is that when we marked the kelp and came back a few hours later, the kelp had traveled directly into the 12 knots of northwest wind a mile and a half."
  13. jabm

  14. sinjin

    Have to agree with you on this one. It has been many years since I have fished here, but have heard in reports by Pete Hillis at Pedro's Pangas that most of fish caught at San Martin are on yoyo jigs.