San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Nov. 13 - 20

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  1. Gordo Banks

    November 19, 2006
    Anglers –

    Large crowds of anglers continue to arrive in Los Cabos and everyone was enjoying the pristine fall season weather, clear skies with highs in the mid 80s. Up to this point the north winds have not been too much of a factor and ocean conditions have been comfortable. Sportfishing fleets fished the waters from the Golden Gate Bank on the Pacific to inside the Sea of Cortez, north to Los Frailes. Most common daily catches include dorado, yellowfin tuna and striped marlin, with an outside chance at a wahoo and a few other miscellaneous species. Water clarity was clear and blue within a couple miles of shore and water temperatures ranged from 79 to 82 degrees throughout most of the region.

    For the past several months live sardinas were plentiful in the area of La Playita, but this past week was a different story, the preferred baitfish moved out of this area and were now being found further south, from Palmilla to Santa Maria and they were of smaller size. This meant that the local panga fleet now had to back track in order to obtain bait and this contributed to all around more difficult fishing for the San Jose fleets.

    Cabo San Lucas charter boats reported excellent action for dorado on the Pacific, particularly on the more distant Banks. Action was wide open on both lures and bait and the fish were quality sized, ranging from 15 to 50 pounds. The dorado action inside the Sea of Cortez was much more scattered and the fish were of smaller size, most of them weighing less than twenty pounds.

    Wahoo action was very slow, only about one in a dozen charters accounted for one fish and many of th ere taken incidentally while fishing for tuna or dorado with small baits and only monofilament. Anglers that were targeting these elusive fish specifically were not reporting much action at all. We still are hoping that there will be a late season bite on these fish, water temperatures are holding above normal and hopefully these prized gamefish will become more prevalent in the coming weeks.

    Larger yellowfin tuna continued to be found on both the Inner and Outer Gordo Banks, though the numbers of fish actually landed were not significant, the quality was definitely there, as many fish that weighed from 50 to over 100 pounds were brought in this past week. Several fish that would have topped 200 pounds were hooked into, only to be lost after extended battles. Most successful techniques were using fresh dead sardinas in a chum line, chunking with skipjack or cocinero and trolling with chihuil. Fluorocarbon leaders of 50 to 90 pound also proved to be an advantage.

    Not much going on for bottom fishing, though there were a handful of cabrilla, grouper, pargo, rainbow runners and amberjack accounted for, most of them taken on whole baits that were drifted over rock piles, also a few on yo-yo jigs.

    Inshore there were skipjack, sierra, jack crevalle and roosterfish, but these fish were not large, most of them under five pounds. For this reason the majority of anglers are still targeting offshore species.

    Billfish action was good for striped marlin on the Pacific and outside of Chileno, up to thirty miles out. On Saturday there was a double hook up on blue marlin reported from a cruiser out of Palmilla, they were fishing within one mile of Cabo Real and using lighter forty pound gear, after losing one of the blues they did manage to land the other one after a five hour battle and it weighed in the 400 to 450 pound range.

    The combined panga fleets launching from La Playita sent out approximately 226 charters for the week, with anglers accounting for a fish count of: 7 striped marlin, 14 sailfish, 345 dorado, 18 wahoo, 225 white skipjack, 338 yellowfin tuna, 9 grouper, 14 cabrilla, 5 amberjack, 20 pargo, 15 rainbow runners, 18 roosterfish and 72 sierra.

    Good Fishing, Eric

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  2. Panic

    Heading down 12/4-12/11, looking to go out a couple of days. Can you let me known how much it cost and is any one boat better than another? Any info on if I need to take any of my own tackle or ido they have good loaner tackle?
  3. Gordo Banks

    Jeff - I would suggest our new super panga "Katie" with skipper Jesus, he is top notch. Price for the charetr is $240, that prcie includes rods and reels than are in good shape. You can contact me at .

    Thanks, Eric
  4. capt josh

    Eric when i was in town for the WON tuna tourney i saw one of your pangas hooked up to a monster on the Gordo...there were a lot of big fancy battle wagons driving around with their thumbs up their asses that day...including us...nice to see the stealth pangas nailing them when everyone else comes up short sometimes...i had to chuckle at the irony of that...

    All the best...keep them biting...
  5. Gordo Banks

    Josh - Yes, that was a monster tuna our guys had on, they said it would have gone substantially over 300 pounds, problem was that they hooked into it too late in the day and could not land it in time to make the scales. They had it on 80 pound tackle, after hooking it on a smaller sized live skipjack down deep, I guess they had it circling under the panga, but still about fifteen minutes away, tried forcing it because it was too late anyway and busted it off. Eric
  6. Panic

    Thanks Eric, I sent you an email already. I am trying to find out if my cousin will be there Thursday. If I want to go out on Tuesday can you pair me up with someone?
  7. Gordo Banks

    Jeff - At this time I do not have anyone looking to share a panga for Tuesday, but it is something that could happen on late notice. Our main deal is now that we have to have this cold wind front pass on through, it limits where we can fish. Eric
  8. Panic

    How can I contact you once I get in Monday?

    Any Bloody Deckers going to be in Cabo next week?
  9. Gordo Banks

    My local phone in Los Cabos is 1421147. Eric