San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Aug. 20 - 26

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    August 26, 2007
    Anglers –

    The light crowds of tourists that visited Los Cabos were greeted with plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures, despite being this late in the summer season. The powerful Hurricane Dean which made landfall on Mexico’s eastern coast and drenched much of the country with rainfall actually spread out all the way to the Pacific, though it never did redevelop into a tropical storm, it did create humid and tropical conditions, leaving some much needed scattered rainfall throughout the Southern Baja California region. Swells increased during the first part of the week, but quickly resided, leaving very calm ocean conditions, though water temperatures did drop a few degrees, with the average ocean temperature now hovering around 80 degrees. Baitfish also scattered as the surf increased, but once again the sardinas were plentiful off of Puerto Los Cabos as the swell weaken.

    Sportfishing fleets spread out from Cabo to San Luis and the big attraction this week was the large quantities of yellowfin tuna that moved into the inshore waters. These fish were found in many locations, but were particularly abundant on the Inner Gordo Banks and off of the La Laguna area, at times as close as one mile from shore, they were found by trolling with an array of smaller sized lures and then were brought into a feeding frenzy with live sardinas. The yellowfin were football sized, the majority of them weighing 4 to 12 pounds, it was wide-open, pretty much catch as many as you want.

    Dorado were also found in very good numbers, though nothing like the tuna,
    do-dos ranged from 10 to 50 pounds, striking on lures and bait. Over the weekend several pangas encountered a drifting piece of whale skin off of San Jose del Cabo that attracted large schools of dorado and they were lucky to get into wide open action.

    Striped marlin were still prevalent throughout the area, but the numbers have dropped off as is expected for this time of year. Several stripers were found in the same area close to shore as were the yellowfin tuna and also hit on live sardinas.

    Other catches included limited numbers of pargo, bonito, skipjack, amberjack, wahoo and cabrilla. Wahoo action created a little excitement midweek, as anglers trolling with lures near La Fortuna, to San Luis reported more strikes than during any period so far this summer season, of the wahoo landed they ranged from 30 to 55 pounds.

    The combined panga fleets launching from La Playita reported approximately
    61 charters for the week, with anglers accounting for a fish count of: 9 striped marlin, 5 sailfish, 135 dorado, 810 yellowfin tuna, 34 bonito, 166 skipjack, 14 cabrilla, 8 wahoo, 8 amberjack, 6 dogtooth snapper and 32 pargo.

    Good Fishing, Eric


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