San Felipe Tony Reyes Trip

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by sdangler, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. sdangler

    Left Saturday 5/28 to head down to San Felipe with some friends (Grunion, Captain Hook, DVD, the n00b, and Grunion's Dad and his buddy from Hawaii). Grunion brought us some new Calstar's for the trip, so we stowed those and were ready to go after a couple bloody mary's. This is our second trip on the Tony Reyes.

    We left about 10 AM from San Diego and since the Hawaiian portion of our contingent wanted to go to the store, me and the n00b took off for the border in the road kill rocket (my Expedition). We hit the border in good time and gassed up on the US side. Since I had gotten insurance before, I didn't feel like waiting for the other guys, so we took off for points south.

    We got to San Felipe at 2 PM and we loaded up with Mex beer and headed to the boat. We were able to load up right away and we waited for everyone else to show up. At 3:30 the other guys show and we all get our gear on board. We headed into San Felipe for dinner and a few margaritas. I was the designated driver, so I was good...

    We got back to the boat and drank enough so that we could sleep with no AC (it was 100 degrees down there). Was woken up at 3 AM by two of the guys coming back to the boat from partying. Now the boat was on the bottom, so it was a 15 foot drop just to the top deck. They climbed down and it was pretty funny watching them try and get onto the boat.

    Woke up the next morning and moved the trucks to Tony's house. Caught a ride back with Tom the co-owner of the boat. Found out that he would not be making the trip with us.

    We left at 10AM and headed south to Gonzaga Bay to make bait at around 6PM. The guys made bait while I slept. Before you label me a dick, they let me sleep because the pangas were still on deck and there was no room to fish anyway. So I got up and caught one stinking Mack and then we left to head farther south.

    We woke up Monday morning at around 5 and watched them off-load the pangas. We found out that me and the n00b would be fishing together with a pangero. We just had to pay the pangero the full tip price ($150 between the two of us). Fine with me as then I only had to avoid two irons instead of three.

    We head out and drop the hook in front of a little island. Tie on 9/0 J hooks and pin some Macks on. Wide open Cabrilla with them boiling around the boat. We farmed some, but over all we loaded up with the biggest going 14#. We also got some Yellowtail for our trouble.

    Captain Hook got nailed by a bee, and of course he's allergic and had no Ippy with him. We hunted for some allergy meds, but no joy. We put his foot in the cooler and fed him beer. He swelled up pretty good (new nick name is "Flipper"), but he survived.

    Back for lunch and then more fishing, but without bait. Yo yo'ing the iron for small bass and Cabrilla. A few yellows were landed, but not many that afternoon. Dinner was good and so were the cocktails.

    Tuesday morning was painful as we pulled out to fish. Captain Hook decided to join us and we trolled around with Pink Mirrolures for fish. Found out that the n00b can't get turns on the Accurate 665, so I gave him an Avet JX 2-speed with the drags pinned down and set it up in low gear for him. We farmed a few, but did all right.

    We moved that afternoon and went out to fish late. We yo yo'ed over some high spots for Cabrilla and a few Yellowtail. We went back to the boat at dusk and enjoyed a nice sunset.

    We moved that night and Wednesday morning we fished right in front on the mother ship. I got bit by a Yellowtail on the first drop, sweet! We drifted over a few spots for a bunch of Cabrilla and 4 Broomtail Grouper. Fishing was pretty scratchy, but still fun. Watched Grunion motor back to the mother ship even after we told him not to eat the Chirrizo. Apparently he had told the pangero "chorizo" and then did the thumb between the fingers sign and the pangero took off for the boat. Was a funny story that evening.

    We moved again in the afternoon. We fished squid and tried bait. Squidding was fun until the n00b decided to stick a squid jig in my finger.

    Thursday morning was windy and as we took off I was looking back up swell and realized that this was pretty stupid weather to be out in a panga. Five foot wind swell, very steep and hitting every few seconds.

    We went and trolled around a boiler rock for 3 double hookups and a number of farmed fish. Was really difficult as whenever we got hooked up we couldn't stand up in the panga. After getting banged around and losing a 20#'er at the boat to a fucking huge male furbag, I decided that I had enough. Told the pangero no mas and we headed back the 2 miles to the mother ship that was behind and island providing shelter. 90 minutes later, we land at 9 AM and off load 6 nice yellows to 15 pounds. The other guys came back around lunch time with some decent fish.

    That afternoon it was looking pretty bleak and then all of a sudden it layed down and we took off. I fished for about 2 hours and lost something big on the rocks with a Mirrolure. I was pissed so I sent the n00b and Captain Hook on their way without me. I fished off of the mother ship for a few minutes with a Krokodile and landed a small bass just to show the deck hands that you could fish without bait. The boats came back and they loaded the pangas up since we were 21 hours from San Felipe.

    We were going to try and fish Friday, but the wind was blowing between 40 and 60 all night and that morning, so we just ran for home. We got in at 4 PM and unloaded. On the road by 5 and even though we ended up in secondary at the border, I was showered and cleaned up by 9 that night.

    Overall was a good trip, came back with 5 coolers full of cleaned fish between me and the n00b. Cleaned up some of the fish myself and took the rest to Point Loma Seafood.

    On the boat, the showers were nice and they have added a water maker. AC worked great, I used my sleeping bag. They also provided bedding for everyone. The food was good; I'll never understand the hot soup for lunch, but... The hit of the trip was spaghetti and mashed potatoes. The beer was cold and there was plenty of ice. What more could one want?

    Look forward to doing it again next year, till then it's back to de-tox. I'll put some pictures up later.

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  2. ILove2Fish

    Nice post! Dr. Evil, jt_milstead, and I are going out on their August 28th trip. I can't wait! Thanks for the detailed review.
  3. http404

    Great report!

    How much $ for these trips?
  4. Captain Hook

    About 1,000 US complete. But that depends on cervezas consumed and how many fish caught. Pretty close estimate though. It is 825 to get on the boat. The other charges are: 150 for the pangero (that is whether it is one, two or three people..dosent matter) 20 for the kitchen, 25 flat for filet, 20 for the deck crew and 35 cents per bag of fish fileted. So, you can see how it can add up. Good times and good report. Good fishing with the dangler and the gang...Flipper out!
  5. Mr_PeaCH

    It sounds like a pretty cheap trip for the amount of fishing you get, but one thing confuses me. The trip is a "mother-ship trip" where they bring the pangas with them... so how come they charge extra for using the pangas? Why would I book a mothership trip and NOT use the pangas... makes no sense to me.
  6. Captain Hook

    It is a mothership trip. They call the 150 bones to the pangero, a "tip". They suggest you "tip" them 150 cumulative for the trip. I suppose you could pay the guy less but if he works hard and gets you on the fish, one should probabally pay the expected tip amount. Some guys on our trip didnt tip anyting. I think that is pretty sad. These guys are all trying to get the anglers on the fish everyday. Hope that helps.
  7. sdangler

    I believe that the only money these guys get is from their "tips". It's like any other tipping, it's a guideline. Some of the guys give their Pangero's shirts and gear as well as a tip.

    Still, as Captain Hook said, it's well worth the money if they put you on the fish.

  8. Mr_PeaCH

    OK, it makes sense since you put it like that. Yeah, I'd want to tip em too and like I said, overall it sounds pretty inexpensive. Cool; thx for the report and the heads-up guys.
  9. Cory Admin

    Thanks for the report. I can't wait to get down there!!

    In the brochure that they keep sending. It mostly talks about the Jose Andres and that you gotta put the used TP in a trash can cause mexican plumbing cant take it. Is that the case on the Tony Reyes too? I would imagine that is smell rather blah in the banos if you gotta do that.
  10. Stoughty Rods

    Man I miss going on that trip. We went on the Jose Andreas. That was one of the best experiences I've ever had with going out on a boat. Great food, good people, lots of beer and the fishing was off the hook! How is the new boat? I heard that they are making 4 more AC'ed rooms on the Jose Andreas. Did you see it? I wish I could have seen those drunk guys getting on the boat at the dock with low tide. It really is amazing how far out the tide goes in San Felipe.

    Man I know the feeling of being out in the panga and all of the sudden your stomach starts to cramp. I remember telling the panguero "Mothership...NOW!!!" Once we got to the mothership, trying to get out of the panga was the hardest part. I didn't think I was going to make it. To my suprise, when I came out of the bathroom, the panguero was waiting for me. He asked "Feel better?". Hell yeah, lets get back to the yellows! Aww the memories.

    Great I'm bummed I had to cancel for the October trip. You got me all pumped up again.
  11. sdangler

    The new boat has huge single ply dispensers in the heads, so I just flush it with no worries. Some of the old crusty guys on our trips though... Holy shit!

    We saw the Jose, she was down the pier and I did hear that they are putting more AC units on them. Personally, I would rather not have to worry and fish the Tony.

    The Chirizo story will haunt my buddy Grunion for a lifetime, especially since he knows better. I'll get to posting those pictures tomorrow. What a great trip even after getting blown out for a day.

    4 coolers of cleaned fish later, and even the wife was happy when I got home.