San Felipe Fish Report... 10-20-2011

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Gil Marlin, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Gil Marlin

    I went down to my place south of town to do some work and get things in order and accidentally went fishing too. My friend who spends a lot of time there came by to tell me I missed a wide open bite on orange mouth corvina by about 3 days.:hali_parkutuli: So, since his boat was ready but his car was broken, I offered my services to get the boat in the water and away we went. :D The weather this time of year is perfect and even though the big guys were gone, we did well on Spotted Bass, Cabrilla and Pompano. Water temps are still in the upper 70's, daytime temps were 85-90 and it cools off just right to sleep at night. The only bad thing that happened was watching the Charger game :finger: but we somehow made the best of it with a huge bowl of Corbina ceviche and the usual health drinks to wash everything down... I'm thinking of planning a BloodyDecks trip down there in Spring if anyones interested. Good camping and easy launching for a small aluminum boat, it's always a good time and the only bandidos I saw were the Cormorants dive bombing our lures when they hit the water...

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  2. dweston

    Nice pics Scott, I usually launch the Kayak a little north of there and fish just off that rock pile. Glad you had good weather.
  3. Saluki

    Looks very nice down there this time of the year.
  4. TravisT

    God haven't been there since I was a small kid, brings back memories. I need to get back there.
    Thanks for reporting and nice pics.
  5. All Business

    great looking place.. looks like a lot of fun !!!
  6. Gil Marlin

    Brandon, just picture your boat behind the Polaris, with yours truly gently dunking it in the calm warm waters of the Sea of Cortez for you. FKG is having the time of his life, thanking you for overcoming your misplaced fear of foreign countries and finally taking him fishing in Mexico. The first night you discover that Smores and Tequila aren't a good combination and that clam shells don't feel as good as a Fleshlight. The drive home is filled with happy memories and the soldiers only make you bend over once. What do you think??? :rofl:
  7. cj5orion

    Gil !......We can still "sell" saluki ! The prison gaurds are still interested !
    "jus thinkin"
  8. Gil Marlin

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :D
  9. brantc

    Looks like a good time Scott...

    Nice way to spend the weekend.
  10. cj5orion

    Damn...I forgot !
    hey...still got that blonde wig to put on him after the drugs take effect ?
    ya know...its 10 more pesos for blondes !
  11. Tues

    Good times....
  12. hooker4fish

    He said CLAMS no=FLESHLIGHT lol :rofl:

  13. 2MAYEtoes

    I'm interested in a Spring BD trip!
  14. Brettkopitz

    Spring is good in San felipe.
  15. Captain Juan SQ

    nice mr marlin.
  16. Simon Bon Bowery

    Looks like a great time..........
  17. Gil Marlin

    Cristin, you're in!!! :D

    I finally met my neighbor and Bloody Deck member dweston this trip, he thought a spring fishing event would be cool too. I'll start giving it some thought and look at tides and dates. I'll let people know in a few months...
  18. Big A's

    I'm officially in my fifties now too. Can I get in on this shindig, or is it reserved for you old dudes?
  19. Gil Marlin

    Who you calling an old dude??? :D There's a big campground, restaurant and bar there, so the more the merrier... I'm going to provide the logistics and some help launching boats, maybe set up a fishing tournament and that kind of thing so anyone that is interested can come!!! Saluki is going to provide the entertainment and party favors... :rofl:
  20. 2MAYEtoes