San Diego Yellow Tail

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by mrkrabs, May 23, 2012.

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  1. mrkrabs

    The San Diego out of Seaforth had 112 Yellow Tail for 39 anglers. I'm saying shit, shit, shit, Wish I could have been on that boat. Some of the overnight boats did good too. And I'm still saying shit, shit, shit. I was on one trip like that and it was unbelievable. Hopefully a few guys can get out tomorrow and kill some fish. mrkrabs:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  2. Tunahead

    LMAO Yep and Malahini had 79 too. Those yellows aren't going anywhere,
    they should just keep on comin'!!! I'll get out again after Memorial Day
    and all this wind the 3rd-5th. LET"S ROCK! LOL
  3. la vida

    Go get em!!!
    This always happens when I'm far away............................................
  4. 26grumpy

    Get um' good Ron!!!
  5. Ultimate Catch

    I'll be on the San Diego on Friday. A duddy's birthday and his wife reserved two spots.
  6. Rocketscyther

    Yeee-Haaaaw... Let's get 'um boyzzzz!
  7. rza007

    MooooooMoooooo wrangle em up Lassie.
  8. Local Fishin'

    Yup, going to be a good season.
  9. Danthefishman

    Was supposed to be heading out tomorrow, but called it off due to weather outlook. Goddamnit, now its too late. Wonder how sloppy it was today for an 18'er
  10. Ultimate Catch

    Well, at 3:40 pm today a 20 foot baot overturned in Mission Beach.
  11. dkd711

    Better check the weather for the next few days guys! Get Sum!!!!
  12. Danthefishman

    And thats why when the swells are up I will launch at Shelter rather Than messing with the jetty in MB. Well, glad im working instead. Sounds like this kinds thing should continue through the summer. Already more yellows caught than all of last year it seems. Next weekend I guess. Careful out there guys
  13. ?? fisherman

    The MB channel was dredged years ago, it's not all that bad. Also the boat that flipped was reportedly not in the channel nor anywhere near the channel, but rather off La Jolla.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  14. rkl303

    Just my luck I went the day earlier...
  15. GUERO

    we got 50+ on The Chubby2
    south wind in the face on the way down. Current was all over the place. Fish were all under the birds, they ate the Jo-Jo all day real good
  16. andyrox

    Anyone have pointers to share on how to get the yellows?

    Live bait-
    -what #test for bait? Flouro? Nose hook or butt hook?

    -surface or yoyo? Regular size or jr's? Hot colors?
  17. Baja Belk

    Crap. Hot bite on Wednesday. I'm going Saturday. That means slow today, Hot again Friday...and.......damn. Slow on Saturday. Stupid yellowtail.
  18. backlashjack

    No, no. It'll be good saturday. i'm going
  19. Juny

    I'll wait this one out. Good luck out there.
  20. bmachale

    :finger: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?