saluki was that you?

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  1. big steve

    i was just watching channel 11 news and a united airline claimed that people just started vomiting because of some awful smell on the plane. the plane had to land in chicago and the sick people where transported to the hospital.was that you? maybe it was a copy cat fart terrorist.your a sick bastard!:_hot_:
  2. Big Dan

    saluki clause is everywhere
  3. Big Dan

    October 8, 2008

    A plane heading to Los Angeles from Boston stopped at O'Hare International Airport Wednesday night after four passengers fell ill on the plane.

    United Airlines flight 167 landed at O'Hare about 8:30 p.m. after reports of one or more passengers sick on the plane, city Dept. of Aviation spokeswoman Karen Pride said.

    Four passengers got sick and were vomiting on the plane, causing a chain reaction for the other passengers, Fire Media Affairs spokesman Rich Rosado said.

    When other passengers smelled the vomit, they felt sick themselves, Rosado said.

    No food was served on the plane, according to United Airlines spokesman Jeff Kovick, who added that all of the sick passengers were from the same tour group.

    Prior to departure, one of the passengers told a flight attendant he was not feeling well.

    “The safety of our passengers is our top priority,” Kovick said. “The captain made the right decision to land in Chicago so our customers could receive appropriate medical attention.”

    The four sick people were taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge in fair condition, Rosado said. Paramedics checked out 12 to 14 more passengers on the scene, but they refused medical treatment.

    The cause of the illness was not immediately known. ( we Know who did it )

    A spokesman for United Airlines was not immediately available for comment.
  4. Richard Cranium

    I do not think that he can top the in-flight entertainment within a calender year.