saltist v.s. torium why?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by fly liner, Sep 28, 2009.


saltisdt v.s. torium

  1. saltist

  2. torium


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  1. fly liner

    alright fellas i think this has been asked before but i want to hear your opinions and why saltist or torium in the same weight class?
  2. Grady 21

    i have toriums and really love them but i think that they are both really awesome reels for the money.
  3. HBfisherman

    Torium is a road dog, takes abuse! Never used a saltist, but I am way satisfied with my reel.
  4. kelpbass_kid

    I'm not sure how to describe it, but saltists just don't feel as fluid as toriums. saltists might have better components, but they just don't feel right in my hands. there is a little bit of play and it feels kind of clunky. I noticed the same thing with the saltigas. I personally like the fluid retrieve and power I feel like I get when fishing the toriums and especially trinidads. just my opinion though
  5. ds650lp

    Saltist best reel for the money!!!
  6. BigHammerKing

    Saltist is built better and doesn't have as much of an anti reverse problem. If you want reliability get a Newell.
  7. Porkchoponr1ce

    Sadly, I have experience an anti reverse problem on my newell P332. After hooking and fighting large fishes, the spring which pushes the dog into place to catch the gear has been bent. I guess the torium n newell both have an anti reverse issue. I have not tried a saltist yet so i wouldnt know anything about the reel.
  8. fly liner

    so far after a couple years my saltist has had NO problems not even anti-reverse
  9. fly liner

    thanks for all the votes fellas lets keep them opinions rollin in
  10. brice

    we have a fleet of toriums (6 16s, 6 20s, 4 30s) used as the charter rods. i would never buy another reel for san diego live bait fishing (or jig casting)
  11. Marcus

    Having fished both I personally prefer the saltist. I think it is built better, has better drags and just feels better to me. They are both good reels for the price I just think Daiwa did a better job on their reel IMHO.
  12. Marcus

  13. plasticslinger

    i had the opportunity to fish a torium on a 3 day earlier this year. it is a smooth reel, but i prefer a saltist. it feels better, and the free spool lever isnt as far to the front of the reel as the torium.
  14. gerk

    The saltist also has a better shift lever. I have seen several Toriums/Trinnies with broken shift levers - poor design... Also the saltist has a smoother drag system. I've fished them both and lean towards the saltist. Also - the saltist is easier to service, if you ever have to.... JMHO....
    Steve - aka The GERK! :jig:
  15. tunafiend

    toruim biatch
  16. samgann93

    The saltist is a kick ass reel. I hate toriums. Just personal prefrence i guess.
  17. fly liner

    thanks for all the replys fellas . you see tuna fiend is my nieghbor . i like saltist he likes torium. so without further adoo. i asked all of you.
  18. AKULA683

    I have both. Saltist 30H and the Torium 30.The saltist seems easier to use but the torium is super smooth. My rod with the saltist on it fell over at the wash rack and I found out the lever is plastic. I like them both.
  19. fly liner

    what do you mean by easier to use
  20. AKULA683

    The Torium seems to have an on or off freespool adjustment. It's hard to get right so you dont backlash. At least for me.