Salmon Strikes - Downrigger Footage

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Anglersthree, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. Anglersthree

    Hi everyone,

    The following is a sample of downrigger footage we have taken during this salmon season on Lake Ontario. Most of the footage was shot down 80 to 110 feet which challenges the smaller sensor camera but we're happy with some of the results.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Sweet little video. That's a really cool view!
  3. Albaguppy1

    Very cool with both views!
  4. GiantSquid

    That is very cool. Its always interesting to see how different fish approach baits and strike. Excellent work.
  5. Anglersthree

    Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed the video!