Salmon season, 2013

Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by tecateando, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. tecateando

    I'm trying to schedule some vacation time around salmon season, and saw they had not set the season yet. When do they usually announce the season?
  2. KenRoyal

    Big meeting going on March 6-11 to make that determination.
  3. tecateando

  4. Derby

    Usually, they don't officially announce the season till just before the date.

    However, it would be safe to assume the first weekend of April is the opener. If I had to schedule time off, I would say the last few weeks of April should be a sure bet.
  5. karlk1125

    God I cant wait to kill some salmon!!!!!!!! This season cant get here soon enough!!!!
  6. Derby

    I hope it does. There is talk of shortened season and/or a 26" size limit. All for the winter run.

    Hopefully the numbers work out.
  7. breaktime

    I can't fly home this summer to AK. So I hope the season is good!!! I need to kill something swimming :2gunsfiring_v1:
  8. karlk1125

    The ONLY good and smart way to do this is to make a 1 fish limit till june if the regulations do have to be altered. Making it 26" will put many more fish in contact with fishermen. I'd even argue no size limit and any salmon taken out of the water must be kept. That way guys arnt releasing 30 shakers in a day when you know 1/3 of those fish will die.
  9. Rodman 28

    Hello Karl; If only MORE people would realize this. The 26 inch size limit will only EXPOSE MORE salmon to needless mishandling & subsequently an unnecessary HIGH mortality rate. I have always been an advocate of the "First 2 fish any size" both King & Silvers. The fact the POS Fish & LAME has the ability to use the hatcheries to produce MILLIONS of winter run salmon smolts, yet DOESN'T is concrete evidence of their "Hidden Agenda". Why is ANY species of fish on the endangered species list???!!...with the MASSIVE populations of fish ( smolts) that can be raised & released into the various waterways & river systems!!!...."F" the Fish & LAME!!!!...Mark
  10. Bajabil3


    I'm moving from Ensenada Baja California, to Bakersfield then on to the Delta area. Where are some good places to fish for salmon, also are there party boats, or does one need to charter?
  11. cabo jon


    There are many cattle boats from Monterey-Bodega Bay and every port in between. More likely to limit out on private charters. Depends on what you want to spend.
  12. whitecap72

    bajabil3,why are you leaving the good life?
  13. woodeye

    I meant to say, "Party Boats" vs. Charter Boats. Saucilito (s#%t, can't spell it): New Rayann and New El Dorado III and Blue Runner (I've heard great things about Blue R), Emeryville Sportfishing(near Berkeley): New Salmon Queen, Berkeley Marina: New Easy Rider and Flying Fish(a little smaller and way faster than the rest), Princeton Harbor(San Matao Co.): New Capt. Pete and Huli Cat. Up in Bodega Bay (2.25 hrs North of SF): the six pack Miss Anita is a real good boat. Eureka (5 hrs No. SF): the sixpack Shellback is an outstanding Salmon Killer. My personal favorites in The Bay Area are New Capt. Pete and New Rayann tied for first, with the New Easy Rider close behind. There are some good boats that go out of SF's Fisherman's Wharf, but the only one I ever went on was Wacky Jacky and it's been years and years. Jacky is a salmon fishing Icon, but she still get's the job done, with a little assist.
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  14. Bajabil3

    I'm moving back to the US mainly because I'm bored here, and some health issues.
    Also the fishing has gone downhill in the last 10 years, we filled two sacks full of yellows on a 1/2 day boat here 20 years ago, now it is big news if a boat gets 3 or 4 yellows on a all day trip. We caught WSB & butts up to 50 lbs. right in front of my home; now nothing. Even further South the fishing has declined, there are a few good days and I'll continue to come down and fish here mainly Aug. thru Sept.
    The tuna pen operators have wiped out the bait in the bay and beyond, so there is no reason for the bigger fish to stop or stay in this area.
    So I think I'll check out the area further North.
  15. karlk1125

    Mark your spot on right there! I think its IDIOTIC for salmon to have a size limit. Size limits are meant to let a fish spawn a few years before being caught. Salmon DO NOT SPAWN in the ocean, so why are there size limits? I cringe when I read of reports of guys catching 30 or more shakers to get limits. REALLY?? They should just keep 4 of those small fish and save the lives of 6-10 others. If the fish and game was a private run enterprise with the real intent of protecting our resources, this would be a no brainer.
  16. karlk1125

    This is exactly why we dont fish baja anymore. Every time we've gone down there its been crap. PV has a much more consistent fishery.
    Bill if you ever want a ride hit me up June or later when Bodega gets going I'll put you on some salmon.
  17. OTHGV

    I like your thought process! common sense lacks in special interest groups that are delegated not elected. I swear they create the mess and then blame the sportsman and in turn punish the sportsman who make the industry exist.
    just picked up a AVET HXW for my whopper stopper tuna troller!
  18. Reuben

    Im definitely not speaking with much knowledge here, but it always seems to me that the sportsman are constantly blamed for the decline in fish when the commercial guys are the ones that really put a dent into the numbers percentage wise. Are they going to have limits decreased this year too? just wondering
  19. reelworld

    Announced today April 6 opener