Salmon season, 2013

Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by tecateando, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. tecateando

    I'm trying to schedule some vacation time around salmon season, and saw they had not set the season yet. When do they usually announce the season?
  2. KenRoyal

    Big meeting going on March 6-11 to make that determination.
  3. tecateando

  4. Derby

    Usually, they don't officially announce the season till just before the date.

    However, it would be safe to assume the first weekend of April is the opener. If I had to schedule time off, I would say the last few weeks of April should be a sure bet.
  5. karlk1125

    God I cant wait to kill some salmon!!!!!!!! This season cant get here soon enough!!!!
  6. Derby

    I hope it does. There is talk of shortened season and/or a 26" size limit. All for the winter run.

    Hopefully the numbers work out.
  7. breaktime

    I can't fly home this summer to AK. So I hope the season is good!!! I need to kill something swimming :2gunsfiring_v1:
  8. karlk1125

    The ONLY good and smart way to do this is to make a 1 fish limit till june if the regulations do have to be altered. Making it 26" will put many more fish in contact with fishermen. I'd even argue no size limit and any salmon taken out of the water must be kept. That way guys arnt releasing 30 shakers in a day when you know 1/3 of those fish will die.
  9. Rodman 28

    Hello Karl; If only MORE people would realize this. The 26 inch size limit will only EXPOSE MORE salmon to needless mishandling & subsequently an unnecessary HIGH mortality rate. I have always been an advocate of the "First 2 fish any size" both King & Silvers. The fact the POS Fish & LAME has the ability to use the hatcheries to produce MILLIONS of winter run salmon smolts, yet DOESN'T is concrete evidence of their "Hidden Agenda". Why is ANY species of fish on the endangered species list???!!...with the MASSIVE populations of fish ( smolts) that can be raised & released into the various waterways & river systems!!!...."F" the Fish & LAME!!!!...Mark
  10. Bajabil3


    I'm moving from Ensenada Baja California, to Bakersfield then on to the Delta area. Where are some good places to fish for salmon, also are there party boats, or does one need to charter?

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