Sad to say, but Fortune 3 day postponed

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by wahoodad, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. wahoodad

    Bruce and I decided it was best to cancel the trip leaving this Friday, and reschedule for two weeks from then. We'll still have that early 9 am departure time, only now it's on March 30th.

    Very sorry for any inconvenience, but the weather forecast had changed to some nasty conditions, and no need for anyone to go out and get hurt.

    Call Fisherman's Landing and either reschedule, or get a refund.

    Hopefully we keep as many of our original attendees as we can, sure seemed like a fun group.

  2. @-EZ

    Unfortunate but completely understandable. Safety is paramount.
  3. nick17yz

    good call choater! hopefully the water warms up and the yellows show up.

    2 more weeks of shit talking!!
  4. Saluki

  5. wahoodad

    As Spike pointed out to me in a text, might be yellows on the Rockpile by then.
  6. Top Shot

    Not sure yet if we can make it work in two weeks, but we're going to try...
  7. spike

    I'm bummed, I really was looking forward to spending time on the water, but it's the right call, no need to take anglers out in a shit storm, I would have fun regardless. I look forward to the April fools 3 day, can we still have corn beef?
  8. Fishybuzz

    good call better safe than sorry......and maybe some yellows...
  9. Simon Bon Bowery

    Bummer on the weather, I was looking forward to this trip.
  10. Johnny J

    I heard we were going to be fishing with the Northwestern and Timebandit. I have 2 spots and it looks like my Daddy Darrell might not be able to work it out. So my question, is scalping allowed. Do I hear a bid?
  11. nick17yz

    your still in, right???
  12. Baja Dreamer

    I'll tell ya' what bud. If everyone is still up for the corned beef dinner that was planned, you got it! :)
  13. Baja Dreamer

    Yeah, me too. But this was gonna get ugly.

    According to AccuWeather the forecast for San Quintin was:

    Daytime wind 18 kph on Friday, gusting to 31 kph. Night time 10 kph gusting to 19 kph

    Daytime wind 8 kph on Saturday, gusting to 14 kph. Night time 11 kph gusting to 26 kph

    Daytime wind 21 kph on Sunday, gusting to 37 kph. Night time 6 kph gusting to 10 kph.


    Sunday would have been brutal and probably unfishable anyway. :eek:
  14. MikeyLikesIt

    cannot argue with the call.........well, I could.... :rolleyes:

    Nah, its the right call. I sort of expected it. Thanks for making it NOW, rather than Friday morning fellas.

    I'll be on it in 2 weeks. Hope most of you can still make it!
  15. titan05

    Might be time to call down to the office and see if a spot opens up.
  16. Johnny J

    Did you read the last post on page #1?
  17. wahoodad

    I know of at least one open spot, Jim can't make it. Erica and Fred are kind of iffy too.
  18. Johnny J

    I have 2 problems. One---9lbs of smoked YT (I think I can deal with this one). Two--- I have 2 spots and my daddy Darrell can't make it. Do I have any takers or should I should I just get refund and leave it up to the landing, your call.
  19. wahoodad

    Doesn't smoked fish last for quite awhile?

    I would call the landing and cancel one spot, reaffirming you want the other spot though. Sorry Darrell can't make it.
  20. @-EZ




    How much is the ticket, John? And when does the boat return?