Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California

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  1. fisher3

    Me and my pops are going on our first trip of the year down to a hidden beach by the small town of El Rosario BC. Since its a 6 hr drive we might go fishing two days, leaving our home tommorow at around 6 a.m. and staying with some friends at their small house just about 500 yards from the beach were the fishermen launch their pangas. Heading to the San Jeronimo Island the first day and try to go to the reef the second day, or some kelp beds about half way twords the island. Try to get some fatty calicos and hopefully some nice cudas or some seabas. I'm hopeing for the best but we'll see. Heading back home on tuesday so ill try to have some pics by mid week next week.
  2. marcortez

    Looking forward to your report with photos........
  3. stairman

    went fishing there in the late seventies....jurassic park animals there!
    a 30lb sheepshead and ten pound olive rock fish were caught.15 pound bugs were bought and consumed.Can't wait to see what you do there!
  4. Surfdoc

    Sounds like a great plan!

    Make it happen Bro.... and take pictures!
  5. Pancheke

    just went last weekend to a hidden beach near el Rosario, been going since I was 5, is it Punta Baja ? Awesome Calicos big reds Huge white fish, there was big Sculpin befor buth some Korean dudes took em all. they picked them up in tanks alive, going back in october when lobster season opens .no surface fish yet ..I'll post some pics later if you alow the thread jack, good luck !!

    if its Punta Baja ,who do you stay with ? Don Chuy (jesus) or Don Johny ? tel them to get Caliman as your panga guide .
  6. fisher3

    Punta Baja! thats the place!! no we stay with another family on the other side. The beach with the rocks and no surface fish yet? we'll see man fishin changes everyday we'll try to hit them good. Got some good spots for Flatties over by the island.
  7. reelspear


    I only took one... I swear!
  8. Pancheke

    hahaha, whats up Jeff, that korean family still lives there, the exported sea urchin and Sculpin back in the day ..

    and yes the bugs are still thick ..
  9. Pancheke

    some pics of 09
    • Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California-PUNTA%20BAJA%20031.jpg
  10. Pancheke

  11. Pancheke

    these are from last week
    • Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California-Punta%20Baja%20110626%20%2817%29.JPG
    • Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California-Punta%20Baja%20110626%20%2819%29.JPG
    • Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California-Punta%20Baja%20110626%20%2823%29.JPG
  12. captainkelly

  13. VITO

    like pancho said, no surface fish But lots of rock fish!!
    the surf fishing on the rocks was awesome!!
    saludos Pancho!
    • Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California-pt baja 115.jpg
    • Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California-pt baja 134.jpg
    • Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California-pt baja 136.jpg
  14. VITO

  15. margarita jim

    I was there fishing last weekend with Hector and Santiago from the Pesca Deportivo. We launched through 4 foot surf and the water was still in the 50's. We caught over 30 bottom fish and loved the adventure and beauty of the Punta Baja area. Enjoy
  16. eddier68

    Holy shit Pancho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally missed that post. F-ing Awesome!!!!! Yeah last week was fun, can't wait to go back again in a couple of months! Saludos!
  17. plasticslinger

    I got a 4day on the pac voyager in oct. and that's the primary destination :) Can't wait!

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