Sabre stroker wrap colors

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Lou W, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Lou W

    Rebuilding a sabre stroker. I think its originally a factory wrap. Colors are.... white underwrap and some kind of blue? top wrap. Any ideas on the blue color?
  2. Zombie

    Here's a pic of a refinish I did on a older stick. White NCP underwrap with Royal blue NCP overwrap. Blank was painted white under the underwrap so the white retains it's color. I tried to duplicate the factory wraps with new wire frame guides and colors. Randy.

    Wood 1.jpg
  3. Lou W

    Thanks Randy! Just what I needed.
  4. Zombie

    Glad I could help. Randy.
  5. tackle junkie

    What kind of paint do you use on the blank before wrapping over it? That looks great! You'd almost think it was paint and not thread.
  6. Zombie

    Just white Krylon. Then just wrap the white over it. It keeps the white from dulling so it's nice and bright. Randy.
  7. graya

    Thanks for the tip on the paint Randy i like use white thread on the under wrap and some times the blank color will bleed through the thread

  8. Zombie

    You'll have no more bleed problems if you paint it first. Randy.
  9. Comedie

    I think Sabre must have changed colors here n there. I've a mid-70's Sabre with black wraps over baby blue underwraps. In what timeframe was blue over white? Or was it a difference of the series?
  10. Produce Man

    Seems that Sabre was using blue 037/black and 246/white on the honey Nypoxy rods at different times. Some with black hyp and some with blue. The mid(?) 80's had some yellow s-glass and reg honey rods wrapped in brown over orange w/brown seat and hyp. I think these were near the end of non-penn sabres.