RV question -- need help

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Fish Tale, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Fish Tale

    Driving down past rosarito with a Class A ~32' long...

    was wondering if it's advised to go through the OTAY crossing or can I make it through the 5 south crossing ...

    yes, i'm getting mex insurance as well

    -mike g
  2. TsTime

    It is coming back that creates a little havoc with the zig zag barriers. If you are traling a boat, tough at both, if not, pick your poisen. Late night best.
  3. remedy1

    Just back from a trip, we had a 31' RV and 18' tin boat, went to
    Mulege. Crossing in is not a problem, it's getting back that hurts.
    Be prepared for extra time to dealing with lane merging, kooks
    that weasle in front of you. Take your time, keep it clean for you
    will hit secondary, and be patient. Have fun.

    Santa Cruz
  4. rjski1

    We tow a 23' behind the 4 door pick-up. If you choose Otay, stay all the way to the left. The lane is a straignt shot into secondary, and a straight shot out. The folks in the booths wil not check boats that they can not see over the bow. Good luck.
  5. zeeraulo

    Yes you can make it in San Ysidro, More than likey you will be instructed to park by the K-rail to be inspected by Agricultural Specialist. If you have left over food (even from US) make sure you declare it to the primary inspector at the boot. just my experience at the San Ysidro border