Rpt-Weds. 6-23 Albie limits & Toad Tails

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Tunaslam, Jun 23, 2004.

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  1. Tunaslam

    20 Albacore (Limits for four) to 30 lbs. & 12 Yellowtail to 22 lbs. 31 53 117 17
    Fishing with Steve Regier on his boat "Red Hawk" with friends Jim Chavez and Gary, we left the slip in Harbor Island a little after 1 am Weds. morning. Our destination was based on several sets of numbers from reliable sources, thanks Bruce & Matt. We started at 31 55 & 117 20, some 56 miles from the Point, jigs in the water at 5:30 am, and headed southwest to 31 52 & 117 25, found a kelp with several quality Yellowtail on it. My fish was 22 lbs., and Steve had a nice fish as well, while Jim lost an even bigger one.



    We began heading northeast and it wasn't until 7:30 that we found the Albacore at 31 53 & 117 17. As we approached a kelp paddy, we got our first jigstrike, a triple, one fell off and I hooked the first baitfish of the day. It was a big'n.


    We headed back to the kelp paddy, threw bait and began catching toad Yellowtail & big Albacore together. This turned out to be an eight fish stop, all on bait, four tails and four Albies. At one time we saw an acre of crashing fish 200-300 yards away. Here is Gary with a big albie, Jim with another stout Yellowtail, and Steve with a big Albacore. The Albacore were almost all over 20 lbs. most over 25 lbs. up to 30 lbs.


    As we cleaned up the deck, I only got one trolling stick in the water and it was bit before I could get in the second. I caught another big Albacore on bait, while Steve picked up a big Yellowtail. These were the biggest albies and tails we have caught this year.


    By 9:30 am we had 14 Albacore and seven Yellowtail on board.


    Added 6 more albacore and five more yellowtail, with our last jigstrike being a quad. Headed home by 11am. very happy campers. Absolutely fantastic weather again. The pic's show lake pacific!

    Hook up! Cory
  2. Surfdoc

    Fantastic report Corey, Congrats on another quality run!
  3. KC Kevin

    Nice report Cory, way to knock them DEAD!!!
  4. Double Z

    Outstanding! That last good shot of the water is GREAT! Water so smooth it looks like you could stand on it. I'll be inside (the bay) until the 12th of July (possibly the 5th, shhhhh!)
    It's time for another Bay No Bait Classic! I'll report on the inshore side.
  5. reeltime

    Hell of a job Cory!

    Very inspiring to read your report just before I set off on my own trip.


  6. CaLiCoBoY

    Great job Corey! Beautiful tails! I suppose last years rats have beefed up a bit. :drool:
  7. sharkstew

    the water is that "oily lookin" friday. don't know if i'm going to make that run but it is tempting. great pics. good job Corey!

  8. Saluki

    WTG Cory!!!

    Nice pond water you guys had out there.
  9. ChuyDawg

    WTG Tunaslam...
    Hope the conditions stay the same for Friday...
    Nice YT's and Albies...
  10. MikeyLikesIt

    awesome! :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:

    beauuuuuuuutiful yellers there guys!
  11. Captain Curt

    Right Cory. I 2nd that. :appl: :appl: :appl:


    The boat Hanna..........
  12. joebalo

    Great job on finding the larger ones.

    I hope those conditions hold out for a while.
  13. TheShark

    Great Job Cory!!!
  14. Trevor

    DAMN!! I just about pissed my pants there, whew. Terrific job. Awsome report!!!
  15. Vermonster

    Great Job Cory!!!!!

    Man, I just know it's gonna be a "shoulda been there yesterday" on Friday for my appointment... :(

    Water and Fish are Beautiful!!!!!! :cheers:
  16. Tunaslam

    Thanks Stan, got lucky again, of course it helps to have great weather and a set of solid numbers to start off with. Cory
  17. Tunaslam

    Biggest tails this year, all in spawning mode, almost hate to kill the big females loaded with eggs. On the way home we passed up several huge kelps that had crashing fish on them. Not often we pass up opportunities like that, but enough was enough, didn't want to sink the boat. Cory

  18. el bulgaro

    :appl: :appl:
  19. Tunaslam

    Think positive, and go out and whack em. Thanks for the feedback. Cory

  20. Sluester

    Yeah, what Cory said... dumbass. Don't be screwing with the karma! :D

    Don will find out where they were or are.