RP April 06

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by branman, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. branman

    Just dropped another deposit on the 16 day leaving April 28th - May 14th on the Royal Polaris :D

    Still some spots available, lets go.

    Lets see
    May 4th 2005 - 22 Day Clipperton
    Nov 25th 2005 - 10 Day
    April 28th 2006 16 Day

    I might as well start a direct deposit to the RP Bank :D
  2. Weazel

    Damn, thats a bunch of trips!! Should be a hell of a season.
  3. rdrrm8e

    Clipperton in MAY...?!?!

    You will melt into a puddle of buttermilk. It's gonna be friggin' HOT at that place by then.
  4. branman

  5. ZZZZZ

    Bring on the heat. That's what sandals, trunks, and no shirt is for....

    Brandon tempting and I saw it but January 2007 I will most likey be living back in Costa Rica and I will be taking a break from LR. :( :) :confused: