Round Baitcaster's

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by baitcasterboy20, Jan 12, 2010.


What Brand has the best Baitxaster's

  1. Aby Garcia

    39 vote(s)
  2. Daiwa

    45 vote(s)
  3. Pfluger

    2 vote(s)
  4. Shakespeare

    2 vote(s)
  5. Shimano

    157 vote(s)
  6. Store Name Brands

    0 vote(s)
  7. Penn

    9 vote(s)
  8. Other

    10 vote(s)

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  1. baitcasterboy20

    i'm think'in of buying a round baitcaster but have only used them for small fish. sooo i was wondering if u guys think round baitcaster's would be good fishing for 5-20 pound snook and 5-15 pound jack's and other fish of that size.

    soooo please reply the quetion is do you think i should buy one??????????
  2. oetheous

    Yes. Those size fish are good for a 400 sized baitcaster.
  3. kelpbass_kid

    A Shimano Calcutta 400B would fit your bill perfectly. For roughly $200, you'll get A-RB (anti rust bearings), a full aluminum frame, Shimano's great customer service, and more. My Calcutta have been in my arsenal for close to 3 years, and still performs at the top of its game. If your budget doesn't permit you to spend $200 on a reel, the Shimano Cardiff offers many of the calcutta's high end features, for an extremely reasonable price.
  4. fly liner

    again look through the classified forum youll find what you want for an un beatable price go with a used reel for now youll be fine
  5. bluedog38

    under $100.00 go with an abu 5500 or 6500, under $200.00 shimano calcutta or daiwa luna. for round baitcasters these will do fine for what you target. and like josh said look at the classifieds you will find something. good luck!
  6. baitcasterboy20

    thanxs guys i was looking at some okuma's they look very good 4 a low price. have any of u guys used okuma round baitcaster's my fav might b the chromer
  7. Master Chief

    My wife uses a Okuma Chromer on her Ling rod, 8' MH Salmon Backbounce rod. She landed her first last season a 39" 37# football ling in 110 feet of water up here in the Puget Sound using live herring, got it to the boat twice and the fish ran all the way back to 100 feet, smooth drag and had no gear issues. Personal preference though would be an Abu in the 6500/6600, my rig is the same rod w/ 6600. Never an issue and very easy to hotrod by upgrading bearings and such.
  8. coryellk

    Calcutta 300TE with carbontex drags.
  9. Redsyn

    What is your budget? Does it have to be a round baitcaster? If not the curado 300/301 D or E series are great baitcasting reels.
  10. djd35de

    I second the Calcutta 300TE

    Or go with a Daiwa Luna 203 or 253 should also be fine.
  11. alex88

  12. baitcasterboy20

    my budget is between 50-200$$
  13. djd35de

    You can get a used Luna in that price range no problem.

    The 300TEs cost a bit more.

    I had a couple of TE 300s that i sold. I moved over to the Daiwa Plutons. Freaking small tank of a reel !!
  14. coryellk

    What the difference between the TE's and the Pluton?
  15. BigJack

    Calcutta TE is made by shimano

    Pluton is made by Daiwa

    prolly more than that but that is what I know

    I love my C300TE and it is a beast with the 65# braid to a 3' 15# topshot
  16. baitcasterboy20

    srry i forgot to mention a want a one with a clicker.:Poop_and_Run:
  17. BigJack

    get a newell 229
  18. djd35de

    Big difference betweena Calcutta and a Pluton.

    Both are great, but the Pluton is a complete FORGED TANK!!!
  19. J.AkuHed

    Try looking at the Daiwa Saltist STTL20H or STTL30H levelwinds, 200yds and 280yds 50# spectra repectively, 6:1, both under $200.
  20. Mo