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Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by dbar, May 27, 2009.

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  1. dbar

    When you live out in the east county, you need to take care of critters. I have found that having cats is the best way to control pests!!!!! I wish I would have seen this little guy before my cat(Bonk) got a hold of him. I need more practice with the bow LOL . This happens about1-2 times a day(I have 5 cats). Just don't feed them and they will go hunt :rofl:

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  2. @-EZ

    That's what cats do. Even mine, which are fed well, will still go out and hunt birds and rodents.
  3. dbar

    When my female had her last litter, she would bring home up to 6 critters a day to the kittens. Man if you didn't have a close watch on her, there would be one hell of a mess!!!

    BTW I feed my cats really well as you can see by the pick. Like you said they just go hunt :) I try to snag the quail they catch, but have you ever tried to take something from a cat!!!
  4. Sluester

    Mine has been bringing in live lizards to her kittens and has brought in a dove alive. Couldn't believe the blood feathers all over the house.
  5. dbar

    Oh I could belive it!!!! I've come home to find the entire house covered in Quail feathers!!!!
  6. fishaholic 1

    my daughters cat so far in the last 3 months has brought in 6 baby possums ,were he gets them I dont know, but them things are damn ugly.
  7. dbar

    They are just tree hanging RATS!!!!!!
    Guess you can eat um??? I wouldn't!!!!
    Lets see I get Bunnies, rats, squirrels, Misc. birds(including dove and quail) Mice, Gophers,1 bat and 1 weasel.

    Edit: Oh yea tons of lizards and small snakes!!!
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  8. The Notorious S.U.A.

    everyone says "beware of men who keep cats" but i think its kinda cool having a gnarly predator in the house. Granted cats are pretty lame when they wake you up at 5AM and get hair all over your house, but its bitchen to watch them go after any little creature that manages to meander into the house or yard.
  9. dbar

    I have 6 Kids!!! I'm pretty sure I don't fit the profile LOL
    Plus I have 5 Dogs!!!!
    Dude Out here if you don't have Cats, Better have a lot of mouse traps!!!
  10. BiggestT

    I'm very impressed that yours get squirrels. Yesterday mine got a rat and a dove. Lizards are a dime a dozen. Gophers die for the cause. Though we have squirrels, I have yet to see one killed.
  11. dbar

    There was just a new Hatch!!! Bunch of mini squirrels running around, but sometimes they will come home with the full sized model.
  12. BiggestT

    I see. They're getting the ones with the slow first step.:food-smiley-014:

    Still any rodent kill is a good kill.:food-smiley-014: