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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by hdz805, Apr 3, 2011.

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  1. hdz805

    Do u guys think a phd20-40 rod and an avet sx is too light for some rock fish and lings... Going out tuesday and taking a Penn torque 100 and a phd30-60 but just wondering if u guys would do that avet setup...
    Happy fishing
  2. saltwaterfish

    sx is strong enough - if it cant pull up a couple rock fish avet would have went BK years ago..
  3. hdz805

    True... True and the 2speed is a plus, dropping 10 oz weight and reeling it up would help
  4. saltwaterfish

    the only down side to the sx is how deep are you fishing - a reel that brings in more line with each turn may be helpful.
  5. plainsman

    How deep ya fishing? Should be able to get enough braid on there, and braid give ya the sensitivity. I used a 6/0 Penn, 80 lb mono, couldn't feel nothin at 450 ft. 30 lb P-line didn't feel nothin either. 2 spd easier to crank up.
  6. hdz805

    Humm not sure. They said they found some new spots near San Miguel.. So will see..yeah the avet has I think 50lb spectra and like 70 yards of fluro