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  1. Bullshipper

    Fishing was very slow at the rock yesterday. Didn't see any boats hooked up and the spanish radio chatter indicated that the fishing there was also slow on sunday. Around 9 boats there.

    None of the caballitios boats showed up in the morning at the PV main marina. Lots of mud where they normally fish. Lots of trash and heavy wood in the water also beyond Mita.

    Spotted some dorado under the trash near mita and kept 2 small ones caught on hoochies for marlin bait.

    Got to the rock and made 3 chorras a 3 skippies for bait. Had a medium dorado on for a while but we farmed him then 2 more bites on the downrigger by pargo that scooped their belies and tails but missed the bridled hooks.

    Trolled for 2 1/2 hrs for bait in the afternoon but could only score 2 chorras on the spoon and small hotchy and they wern't hit so we gave up around 5 pm. Some small flying fish around but was surprised to see so few skippies and not one tuna rolled or jumped that we could see from the tower.

    So it looks like it may be better to troll plastic to cover more area, looking for porpoise and birds.
  2. Captain Jeff Illingworth

    12 fathoms off San Pancho!

  3. capt josh

    Thanks for the update Jeff...i'm glad to see you guys practicing hard for the tournament...

    Cause YOU GONNA NEED IT...

    When are you guys going slumming down this side of the marina for a drink???

    And speaking for jeff::::: I din't feel well today so I didn't go fishing. Hummmmmm thats what I heard! LOL LOL
  5. allisonboat

    Very slow at the rock with off color water. Should be boiling at the Banco!
  6. Gmoney!

    hopefully it turns back around this has to... ;)