Road Condition Tecate>>Ensenada

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Surfdoc, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Surfdoc

    Went down south to get some prescription meds. Stopped by La Salina for a bit.
    Then took HWY 3 from Ensenada to Tecate.

    BEWARE that there is a section of 15-20 miles right in the middle thats 2 lane DIRT road.

    They are working to make the road 2 lane.. so for now it's Rough 2 lanes.
    It was ok today, but I wouldNOT take my boat south that way.. or run a trailor on it if I didn't have to.

    Also expect Major delays if it's raining or has rained. Lots of big rigs in this area.

    Just a warning.

    BTW 40 min's to cross at Tecate Friday at 1430.
  2. medunn16

    What kindda meds. Stan?
  3. Surfdoc

    Just something to keep me from Banning a shit load of assholes ...

    Don't think it's working.............But my tits are bigger.

  4. medunn16

  5. yellowklr

    Yeah its been like that for a while.....Much better to use the BLVD 2000 to Tecate its a very easy ride.
  6. aguachico

    Good info Stan. Check those expiration dates.
  7. Tues

    Picture of the tits please...
  8. Sea Esta

    Returned from San Quintin Thursday. The checkpoint at Maneadero was searching every car in BOTH directions. Didn't see one car get through without being searched, Long lines. Hit Comercial Mexicana for Meds then Hwy 3 to Tecate. 40 min wait at 1330.
  9. TsTime

    I always thought you were hiding Ballenas under that t shirt!
  10. Adam12


    Derrik, what is this BLVD 2000? i'm coming down thru tecate on the 24th, and also back up with the boat on the 2nd... if there is a easier way let me know. I already towed the boat thru the rough construcion, no biggy, just had to slow down a bit, but if there is a better way to cross at tecate and avoide the TJ cluster, I need the dope. Marc