Discussion in 'Florida Sport Fishing Reports' started by squirtis, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. squirtis

    Fatal plane crash in everglades city this afternoon...

    Trajic...guy brought a lot to the fishing world and certainly lived life to the fullest...

    really sad
  2. Great Escape

    Sad news indeed! RIP Jose!
  3. el capo

    Really? That sucks he was really cool
  4. Zombie

    He was one of the few on TV I really liked. He will be missed. RIP Jose.
  5. Derfsondeck

    Wow spanish fly guy gone?What a bummer RIP Jose
  6. Reel 007

    RIP JOSE, thanks for all the great shows, tight line and may the fishing be great where you are going.
  7. nefarious235

    RIP Jose. His love of life, the life around him and the sport will always be remembered.
  8. I hate seals Advertiser

    Wow! RIP Jose. I loved his energy and learned heaps from him over the years. Very sad.

    This sucks! RIP Jose.......
  10. Tues

    Damn....I was just watching him yesterday.

  11. Jason Admin

    Very sad news. Some of the BD team was/is very close with him. Tragic loss to the fishing world. Damn.
  12. wils

    X2 on all the previous comments. Jose seemed a truly "good guy". Lots of energy. lots of ability. and lots of "heres how we do it".
  13. jiggyn

    Thanks for the Spanish Fly show Jose
    and may you find better fishing where you are
  14. baja kid

    Jose may the bone fish in heaven be as big as a blue marlin .
  15. J.AkuHed

    Rest in peace, Jose, God speed! Prayers for family and friends are offered up.
    Long time fan. . .

    This is terrible news, one of the few great fishing shows left.

    Prayers to him and his family
  17. poncherello

    A true tragedy for the fishing community. Jose had one of best produced shows and I enjoyed the episodes where he helped those that were ill. Fishing was a form of therapy and you can see it in their faces. Jose genuinely cared for others.

    As a pilot and airplane owner, the unimaginable is always lurking behind my head. But it is that passion that makes us want to fly day in and day out. My heart goes out to Jose Wejebe for what he has accomplished in such a short period of time and to his family.
  18. TunaFish51

    RIP my man
  19. smassey1

    Best fishing show around
    Man that really really sucks
    I hope they have even better fishing in the afterlife
    RIP and my condolences to his family.
    he truly was a master of fishing and communicating how much fun this great sport can be!
    you will be missed.
  20. sea shepard

    I am really sad to to hear this. I have been watching his show over the years and have always enjoyed his enthusiasm for the sport. Watching him catch bone fish and tarpoon in the morning followed up by AJ, permit, tuna and sails in the afternoon was one of the reasons i wanted to move hear to Fl. The man really understood what it was all about and lived life to the fullest. This is what i saw from all of the shows that I watched (which was alot in the off season in cali). He always came across as a really laid back person that alot of people could learn alot from. i really enjoyed the show when he was fishing with his daughter who was hooked up at the time. He was coaching her on how to land it when he started chuckling his daughter asked him why and his response was in a realy calm non excited tone "this is the only time you ever listen to me" I am sure alot of fathers can relate to that statement.
    Rest in Piece Jose you will be missed by many.