Ring or Roller Guides?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by wasljs, Nov 23, 2010.

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  1. wasljs

    Am thinking of getting a new XXXH cow rod. I can get either ring or roller guides. What is the current thinking as to which is best?

  2. fshholc

    Best is really personal preference. The advent of short top shots and spectra have changed the way many anglers view roller guides. For me personally, I've switched to all ringed. It makes the rod much lighter, very little maintenance and less expensive. I also see no need for the heavy duty ringed guides because again heavier and more expensive. JMO
  3. kawakawa

    Lines of any kind, particularly braided super-lines, will always run much smoother and with less running-friction over roller guides. They also cast as well as rings and the weight and cost difference is negligable.

    Besides...would you rather pull your anchor line over the bow rail or the bow roller??? This is the main difference between rollers and rings...

    Disclaimer: Affiliated, but have built rods and caught big fish for many years before affiliation.

    Best of luck with whatever rod you choose!
  4. screamingreel

    Either will work.

    I have both...and prefer rollers for the heavy stuff. It feels smoother and they are almost indestructable. I also like that rollers make the rod stiffer. While softer rods are perceived easier on the fisherman, they are also easier on the fish potentially prolonging the battle.

    However, if you are sensitive to weight and your arms get tired easily or if you have difficulty keeping your reel on top of the rod under constant tension while fighting big fish, I recommend the ringed guides. They are a bit lighter and more forgiving.

    Try both types and see which you prefer. Ringed guides are very popular right now, but so what? If you follow these boards you would think most big fish are caught on ringed 7' rods with 30 sized reels on just one boat. Hah! Doubt it!

    Several of the most prolific posters on these boards are sponsored by companies and boats they recommend so it skews reality just like traditional media. It is the internet. Caveat emptor and take it all with a grain of salt...

    Call the boats and ask them what works best. Remenber they also have alliances with specific manufacturers...but are usually very helpful.

    Good luck on your trip!!!
  5. G-Spot

    The XXXH is pretty heavy I would put rollers, but just the heavy duty not the big foots......

    If you want a stout rod with rings get a rod that is more designed for it like a 2 X 4, softer tip for feeling your bait, longer rod, and a XXXXH butt section for the beef when you need it....

    If you truly need a XXXH then I think you need rollers in it.... That's how I wrapped my personal rods.....
  6. yft1979

    Just finished a xxxh for my dad with ring guides, and have one myself. Not a roller fan, but just mho!
  7. tpeach

    Having built a few of these cow rods and caught Cows and a Super Cow on them I prefer ringed guides. All three of my Heavy bait rigs Avet 50SDS had 1 Aftco Wind on roller guide and the rest were just heavy duty rollers. The wind on was there to get the height only. On my Super Cow this year I saw the line was roughed up a little about ten feet from the splice of 100 foot of 200 JB to the 130 JB main line. I was able to get it on the reel and never let it back off. My thought or guess was that the line jumped a roller guide. It is not necessary to use rollers for the Spectra line we use. If I was building a trolling rod I would be using rollers religiously and especially if using a longer topshot of mono or all mono. All my Cow rods are built with the American Tackle turbo titians. The ones that have rollers on them will be replaced with those titians. For the exception of my trolling rod. That one is specialized and sits in the rack most of the time.

    The roller guides as with any guides built on top of the blank will want to twist to the bottom of the blank. With ringed guides this still happens but you don't have to pay particular attention that it is happening. A ringed guide is more forgiving when using the rail.
  8. Atuna

    Kawakawa's analogy is a good one. "Besides...would you rather pull your anchor line over the bow rail or the bow roller???"
    All of my heavier stuff is rollers. We all know that most fish are lost at color and the line can go back and forth under great pressure. I fish wind-ons and seeing that serve I worked so hard on (or worse Sato cripmps) go over ringed guides gives me the willies. So for ME I'll stick with the rollers ...I even had the factory wrap my 2X4 with rollers.
  9. Yellowtail_Kill

    i like ringed guides cause i have seen 250+ fish lost at color cause spectra got caught between the roller and the guide itself
  10. paulskier

    Of all the replies I thought the one by "screamingreel" made the most sense---read it a couple of times before you make a decision. JMHO

  11. Swarthy Dago

    I like your thinking here. I have one that has both. The tip is a roller, big enough for crimps or windons, the rest are ringed. I'm thinking of even adding one more in spot #2. I like the rings at 3 and 4. Guiding the line onto the spool seems easier from a ring than a roller (or better for the line too).
  12. GiantSquid

    If you got the cabbage get you some Winthrop roller guides. Light, rollers, no line jumping - best of both worlds.
  13. Sactotuna

    Times 2!
  14. JSR

    i like both
    rollers on xxxh for harness
    ring on the 2x4 for rail
  15. Bill W

    I placed some big foot guides on a 765XH, big mistake. From now on If I am going to cast with the rod I want ring guides. My kite rod will have rollers and my trolling rod too... Any rod I expect to cast with will have rings in the future.
  16. Garabaldi

    Rollers will change the action of the rod (they have a wider and heavier foot), and will stiffen the action. And I disagree with the angler who said casting is the same with a roller guide (large interior guide opening on ringed guides allows line to funnel through easier and faster as the line wobbles and vibrates down the rod coming off of a rotating spool). The 770H series was Calstar's answer to Seeker's 2x4 so both of them were designed for use with Spectra and their 7ft length for casting live baits like sardines (these rods were designed for rail use and when rested on the rail you have appx. 6 feet hanging over which becomes similar to a 6 feet "stand up" rod used in a harness).

    Tight lines!
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  17. G-Spot

    Really???? I have talked to long range captains who haven't witnessed that..... In all their years of experience..... All I can say is WOW!!! 250+ fish......

    Do you mean you have seen a single 250 lb fish lost at color? Or did you mean what you wrote 250+ suggesting you have seen over 250 fish lost at color... I think I will call bullshit on that one....
  18. Derf284

    I have seen it 3 times on my trips. It happened even to a friend of mine who is a true LG legend.

    What "captains" did you talk to ? 1/2 out of San Pedro ? Good guys... just not their scene.
  19. G-Spot

    You might be missing my point.... I am not saying it doesn't happen, but to loose 250 fish at color would be a huge amount... let's say they have 5 cow trips per season and loose 5 fish at color per trip, then how many of those could be related to other failures like terminal tackle, hooks straightening etc... then multiply that times the 5 cows trips a year and see how many years it would take to see over 250 fish lost at color for the spectra getting between the guides....

    These cow trips are lucky to produce 75-100 fish per trip, and many times not all those are cows. Even if they had 5 failures per trip "at color" where the line slipped between the roller, and they had 5 cow trips a year after the variety season is over.... that would be 25 per year it would take 10 years every year to see just 250..... I just don't buy this claim.... Then even if he was the most experienced long range deckhand to be personally involved to witness each and every one of the failures??? Do you ever help other clients without the failures??

    There is always a few heartbreaks, but over 250 personally??? Really?? That's my point in case I didn't make it clear above...

    Last year discussing this whole ringed versus roller thing Kevin (Intrepid) and I were talking about the 2 X 4 versus the rollers and I asked him to you really see a lot of failures due to the line getting down in the guides and he straight up said no.... he has definitely seen it, but not that much.... He was a big fan of the 2 X 4, but definitely rollers for the Kite rig...

    This is an experienced captain, so it kind of funny that this guy has seen over 250 failures for that one reason.....

    I am not calling bullshit on it happening..... I am calling bullshit on seeing over 250 failures for that reason alone.....

    Derf, you can give me a little credit here do the math and really think about it... to believe that he needs so back it up with some sort of experience that would allow him to see over 250, with very few posts It sounds like flim flam to me.....
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  20. Derf284

    You and I both know he did not see 250 fish lost. He just saw 1 fish that was over 250 lbs you just want to give him a hard time is all.

    I have seen it happen like I said but when it comes down to it you see alot of things go wrong and that might be a cool new THREAD to start. When I get the time I will WHAT WENT WRONG sounds kinda cool.

    Ok off to the in-laws. Happy gobble day to all.