Report for South of the 500

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by firekel, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. firekel

    Hey everyone down here at the coral waiting for the weather to lighten up, so I thought I would give the first day report before I go get drunk. Went 85 miles south of Ensanada started fishig at 30.33 117.11 66.7 degree water warmest found. No fishes caught saw a dodo on a bull kelp we ran over do to seas being totally fucked again. Saw some dolphin and worked them for an hou5r por nada. made the hump up the hill back to the coral at 7:00pm was not going to stay out there in the weather as it was getting worse as the day progressed. Got back into the coral at 4:00am. All our bait rolled w/in 5 minutes of entering the marina, nasty water inside. If your are lucky you might be able to find a bait boat to get some pinner almost dead bait. Mikes can't hold bait at the reciever because the water and red tide is so nasty. Trying to decide what to do from here, may head back up into closer water and look for Albies, not making that run South again weather is just to jacked down here. Took a rogue wave last night over the bow that launched everyone to the deck and green water over the hard top. So staying here another day and getting drunk is sounding like a better alternative to fishing right now. buenos dias, my beer is getting warm. later kel
  2. Mr. Len

    WOW! Tough conditions...thanks for the update.
  3. Tunaslam

    Bummer Kel, this weather is a bitch.

  4. baja_driver

    check the reports for today..they are 65miles out of point loma and on them pretty good right now.

    619 224-1421
  5. spin-n-grin

    Sorry to hear about your weather, especially after driving all the way down. What's the Coral like? I've driven past it but never stopped. I assume they have fresh water wash down there and room for parking the rig. How are the rooms and about what do they run?
    Thanks in advance for the info.
  6. Neill

    Thanks for the report...have fun this afternoon....
  7. SAGE

    Nice report. Sounds pretty nasty down there, play it safe and stay in. thanks for taking the time out of your day off to write. Get back to drinking and have one for me,
  8. fishman507

    hey if you see this I'm comming down tonight and leaving at 11-12 pm tonight heading for YFT 130 from the point.... 42' jersey on E dock.... later
  9. Mots

    Dammit Kelly, sounds like ever other trip this season. Fuck I hate the wind.
  10. Az.monkey

    Daaaaaaammmmm Kel , sounds like momma nature is still PMS'ing , sounds like ya saved the day with a buzz :720icon: :D . atkeast you're still around to post about it , thanks for the report bruddua
  11. Ali Admin

    I hear Paris is WFO.

    Get some brother!

  12. Surfdoc

  13. artafishall

    I like all the Hidden messages!