Replace Yamaha lower unit seals question

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by El_Guapo, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. El_Guapo

    I have 2stroke 150hp Yamaha and found water inside lower unit. Is anyone know how much is it cost to replace lower unit oil seals and pressure test?
  2. Bottom Line

    Are you sure it's the prop shaft seals? The reason I ask is that I had water in the lower unit on my Yammy - there was no indication of it leaking so I pulled the lower unit off and replaced the seals/o-rings on the driveshaft side and all is well now - about $30 in parts and about 2 hours work - also replaced the impeller while I was in there. Fairly easy job.
  3. kissyourkiller

    I would recommend going to Boating Dynamics or another certified yamaha dealer and buying new drain plug seals for the lower unit. Don't just go to West Marine I had the same problem with my yamaha and bought seals from West Marine it turns out that they are inferior to the Original Yamaha ones. I learned this the expensive way by taking my outboard to Boating Dynamics where he pressure tested my L.U. found a leak, changed the seals, tested it again and the leak was gone. It cost $200 because he had to charge me for labor. And this was after i did about 8 oil changes myself during the summer and kept on finding water in the oil, even after changing the drain plug seals. But Robby Gordon at Boating Dynamics is the man when it comes to Yamaha.
  4. El_Guapo

    Steve , what kind of tools do you install with the prop seals, because the shaft is in the way.
  5. furniture 4 me

    i run a Yamaha and use the Sierra parts. same ones you get at west marine, never have had a problem.
  6. Bottom Line

    Mine was leaking at the driveshaft - basically remove the water pump and there is a housing underneath that has 2 o-rings & 2 seals in it. You remove the 4 bolts and slide the housing up the input shaft to remove it - replace the seals & o-rings and re-install - pretty basic stuff.