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  1. rooney

    Hey , guy's whats the deal on how long this stuff last. I was under the impression around five years. Thought i heard on LETS TALK HOOKUP some one said something of replacing after a year. Hopefully i picked up wrong info!!
  2. screamingreel

    Hello Mike,

    If you are taking about Spectra Braid, probably 10 years or when it starts breaking regularly...changing the top 100 yards every couple of years if used often, on large fish or if abrasion is apparent.

    - Jeff
  3. yft1979

    Have some over 7 years old that I am still using. Depends on how much wear you get.
  4. Antares

    I would base spectra replacement on the amount of abuse. My big game reels use it as backing and it rarely sees the light of day. It will last for a long time. My bass rods are all spectra so it sees a lot of abuse and they get new line every few years. I have switched to mostly hollow core on the big stuff so if i get a bad spot i can splice it out.
  5. jarhead

    As mentioned above, you will get many years out of your line, watch for frequent break offs, chaffing etc, I rotate my line when taking it off at the end
    of the season.

    First off first on, this puts the line on the bottom of the spool on top, it's like having new line.
  6. MikeyLikesIt

    breaking regularly? shit, if it breaks at all.....its gone.
  7. rooney

    Thanks for good feedback, sounds like it is definately worth the initial investment ,coupled with all the other benefits.
  8. sdfishkiller

    Still have power pro on a few reels thats is over 10 years old.

    I've never replaced any spectra on any of my reels.

    I buy a 1/2 pound spool of mono and it last me 2-3 yrs easy, kept in dark closet.
  9. C.Obsession

    It depends on how much you use it. I would say for a charter captain that runs 3 or more a week to replace it about every 1 1/2 to 3 years.
  10. ProteusTails

    I go about a year on the green power pro, when the color starts to fade off it, will usually start breaking. Again inshore no salt. Lots of casting
  11. dan1

  12. lewisclan

    wow, now there is some good info