Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by TUNA MINER, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Has anyone ever tried to repaint old tadys or salas irons. Is it best to just leave them alone or junk them. I picked up a box of used ones for a good deal and it has some that are a little beat up. I thought what the hell mabe I could fix them up a little. If anyone has found a good paint to use that sticks well or a good color throw up a pick lets see the good work. Thanks all
  2. umoa

    if it swims well.
  3. Bigfish69

    I have repaintead allmost all my old jigs and they came out great,,,at least the fish dont mind them...

    Goo for it you will be glad you did.

  4. medunn16

    All my jigs that had paint and swim well,have no paint now and get bit just as much!

    Keep in safe place and don't paint...............
  5. captaindorado

    oh, yes, keep them and have fun painting them. Put reflective tape on them, mix and match!!!! great thread. I am over on the islands now but when I get back to So Cal I will post pics of some of mine. Remember there are no rules to painting, the fish dont care, the people who sell them are really trying to hook you. Ya there are colors for sure that work better, Go for it.
  6. mcrae

    While I will switch the hooks out I don't repaint jigs. I don't think the fish mind and beat up jigs give of the impression that they get bit.
  7. dalurker

    if you have the time, $ and patience, why not? it's like gettin' your rods re-wrapped cuz the wraps are all worn 'n ugly. hell, they still catch fish right?
  8. Yellowtail Dan

    Is it the pretty color of the jigs that get them bit or the action they swim with? Leave them ugly and let them keep the battle scars.
  9. poncherello

    Well said. Some say the more beat up the better and vice versa. Check out some of my posts in the Home Built Fishing lure section. You may have to go a few pages back.

    Will be working on Jims (Rodbldr) old old Candy Bars. Will post pics when they are complete.

    Thanks for the tips guys it all helped. Mabe I will fix a few up for somthing to do this winter. And leave some with the old beat up look.