REMEMBER THE STOLEN KTM, MAN These guys are stupid

Discussion in 'Camping & 4x4' started by M/V Santa Rosa, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser


    It's back!

    I've been checking Craigslist every few hours since the bike was stolen, without great hope, but doing due diligence.

    Remember the sprocket was broken and the bike has a desert tank? This morning, to once again prove criminals are stupid, the following ad appeared at 12:25 am:

    Resized to 96% (was 1000 x 639) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    Now, I may not have the highest state of tune a motor has seen, but I can put 2 and 2 together and make 3.

    Not wanting to use my own number in case the suspect (hereafter referred to as S1 because i now know the lingo) was able to discover it through the registration papers on the bike, I call my buddy Ken, (at about 5am) an investigator of some official stature.

    Ken texted S1 asking for a pic of the tank, and received a stock shot of a similar tank, "like this but white". Ken arranged for a later meeting with S1.

    In the meantime, Ken made a few calls and secured the attention of the San Diego Police Department's auto theft guys. This is a great team of folks who set up a sting at the house of S1. Several big guys, very professional, with weapons.

    We met at the police station close the S1's residence and I gave each of them a set of photographs and very specific information about the bike. They were already staking out the residence when I arrived at the station.

    The officers were able to make contact with S1 and (based on details I had provided) asked for the special custom brackets I'd made for the bike. At that point the officers saw the bike, and the arrest was made.

    The bike has the rear wheel, tank, seat, stabilizer, rear taillight assembly (with license plate!) and various other parts removed, but only the stabilizer was missing. The other parts were sitting in a box.

    They let me go home, get my truck and pack it up to avoid impounds fees, etc.

    Bike appears to be fine, and I appreciate all the outreach and help provided by the motocommunity and especially Trophyhunter (Ken) for setting up the process. Without him, I'd still be assembling the insurance claim.

    I can't give more details than that due to legal process issues, but it was a LOT OF FUN, and I'm happy to have my errant bike home, and one dirtbag in the control of the police.
  2. Outlawman

    WooHoo!!! That's some damn excellent news Tommy... WTG!!!!!

    Hope the fucker get's what's due him, or at least some good ol' fashion bubba lovin' while in the joint! It's too bad he didn't pull a gun and let the cops open up on his sorry ass!
  3. Clay

    I am sure you can't say what the address is for s1. So with that said, what is his neighbors address? :)
  4. nunyabizness1

    Way to go!!!

    That is BAD ASS!!!!!!!!! Congrats on getting your bike back!!!
  6. Surfdoc

    Had this happen before on BD, But Kevan and Cooter got pictures of the arrest..

    Come on Tommy step up your game Bro!

    Nice job !
  7. rick marin

    Did they ask the dirtbag if he knew anything about your trailer? I wish you had the same luck with that.
  8. Saluki

    Great job Tommy!!!
  9. hilltop

    right on! congrats, and thieves are the scum of the earth, glad he got caught red handed and will be facing some serious "fun time", fines etc......way to be diligent, karma is good.
  10. Sherm

    Out fucking standing Tommy. That should keep a smile on your face for a while.
  11. landman

    That's Awsome, chaulk one up for the GOOD GUY'S !!!!!
  12. OFN

    Outstanding :appl:. Great job on getting her back, and putting one more dirtbag where he belongs.
  13. Professor

    I love stories with a happy ending. Tommy got his bike back and the dirt bag is where he belongs. Kinda brings a tear to my eye.
  14. Fishbones

    Congrats Tommy, makes you wonder what else they will find in the house that is stolen.
  15. drippyskippy24

    the add is still on craigslist with a phone number!
  16. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    This was NOT my bike, but a friends bike. However it is back in good hands.

    Just goes to show ya,, keeping a eye out for your friends pays off
  17. Juny

    Glad you got the bike back for your friend. Now thats the kind of friend that everyone wants.
  18. Trayscool

    EPIC! Glad you scored one for the good guys

    Remember the story about the stolen Kayaks??
  19. GUERO

    Nice job Angela Landsbury
  20. catD8R

    Good job Tommy you are a great friend!!!!!Im on KTMTalk where your buddy posted this also.Kudos again, I love when a story has a happy ending.Thieves SUCK!!!!!!!!!!