Reel seats on jig sticks

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Marcus, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Marcus

    I'm starting to lean towards getting reel seats on jig sticks just for the ease of putting the reels on. I can have the seat put on so it is where I like it. Can reel seats be added to factory jigsticks that are already wrapped or do they have to be stripped to put one on and would it be a waste of money and time? I love throwing iron and I'm starting to get lazy so the reel seat would be nice.
  2. bertram31

    No for the proper size reel seat, the seat slides down the blank from the tip and doesnt fit over the butt end on most blanks. Some of the GUSA blanks a number 1 seat will fit over both ends of the blank but not real common.

  3. Fancydan

    Plate style reel seat may be an option. They get wrapped onto the existing handle.

    I'm not a big fan of them personally.
  4. jscrib

    I have a reel seat on my new jig stick.

  5. Marcus

    I saw that, that's what got me thinking about my plan to get mine changed.
  6. Fancydan

    Yeah, well pull the butt cap off your existing jig rod. Size it up with what size reel seat will slip on over the big end of the blank...........and maybe you'll think twice about what the results will look like.

    Building a jig rod with a reel seat from the beginning is one thing..........but adding one after the fact without re-wrapping the whole thing is something else entirely.

    There are only a few exceptions, and most of them would be graphite composites that have a smaller diameter butt. Not many glass jig rod blanks will fit the bill for decent results.

    JMHO :notworthy
  7. Trianglist

    You can definitely make it work. I've added reelseats to 2 of my factory sticks that only had corktape, and I've replaced one of the reelseats on a rod that already had one.

    Do as Fancydan said, and take the buttcap off the rod. Match the reelseat up with the end of the butt and see if it'll fit. If it fits, it'll work, and it should look good. I added a couple Fuji trigger reelseats to my Calcutta corktape rods and they look and feel killer.
  8. ACIronMike

    I have done the same on my 800M. Works fine. The last thing is that you can't re-do the base grip in Hypalon. Rather, just wrap with cork-tape (2 layers if needed), the put X-grip shrink tubing over the cork.
  9. Fancydan

    Doing hypalon from the rear is not impossible...........but kinda tricky. You need another piece of rod blank scrap that you can create a new sloping taper so to stretch the hyp over the big end of the existing rod.

    I've done it many times, and good old fashion slippery-ass rubber cement is the key ingredient.
  10. CALCOfshr

    All u need is a section of doweling and masking tape to make it. Just leave enough room for the end you will insert into the blank to stabilize it while you slide the grip over the butt of the rod. I built mine by using masking tape bands that got progressively larger from the end that u start the grip sliding over. Just make sure the band closest to the butt is a bit larger than the OD of the rod blank butt. I use lots of epoxy and just leave it on to harden. makes the whole thing easier in the long run,because it makes for a more slippery tool for the hypalon to slide on as you do more and more of them.
  11. bigjake

    reel seats on jigs sticks...

    they wouldn't be jig sticks....
  12. Marcus

    Ok then I'm going to have a 9 ft live bait rod I throw iron with............:finger:
  13. bigjake

    least you got it right...
  14. Mr_PeaCH

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  15. Trianglist

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  16. jscrib

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  17. Orca

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