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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by doughnut, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. doughnut

    This may not be pretty, but; I have been reading the threads regarding which reels etc. Here is the question. Do you guys think that many high-end reel buys are "ego" driven?
    An example, I have an old style Sealine 350H that I used for years on a heavy jig stick for Wahoo, Tuna, big yellows etc. Some kind of Saber stick and 50lb Maxima. I killed literally tons of fish with it. I still have it, it is still in "as new" condition. However, my current jigstick is a Seeker and a Daiwa 40. I didnt really NEED it! Is that Sealine that much better than the "old school" You see what I'm saying? I have four Internationals, 2 30's and 2 50's. They are single speeds. I was just getting ready to list them for sale, and I cam across pictures of all the Tuna they have killed. I was gonna get me a couple of those Tiburons, or avet, or pro gear's. In that regard, is an Avet whatever really that much "better" than a Daiwa "grand wave"? (read $250 better) Just curious if any of you guys ever think about this.

    PS- Ive got 4 Internationals for sale LOL
  2. el Toro

    I think about it all the time. That is why most of my reels are old school Penn's and Newells. I might put on a Tiburon frame or some sort of power handle, but they have caught too many fish for me to shell out a ton of cash to "upgrade." I also like the fact that I can work on them easily. Sure I'd like to have the new shit but I just can't justify the expense. Kinda like I'd like to buy a Hummer, but my Ford pickup gets me where I need to go.
  3. Mikey

    Is the 30 or 30W?
    how much?

    Does that answer your question? LOL

    I think some of the people buy them for the ego thing.
    But with the introduction of Spectra the smaller reels with lots of drag are replacing the big reels.
    When was the last time you used a 50T or S for 50#?
    You are most likely using a 16S, SST, etc., or if you have a really big wallet an Accurate 2 speed.

    None of these reels will make you catch more fish, maybe land a few more :)
  4. FishWiz

    I think Shimano is on the right track with the Torium. I've wanted a Trini for years, but it was always hard for me to justify the abuse rods and reels take offshore fishing. Getting a good Trini 40 was always as much to say 'Hey, looky me' then it was fishing. Sure, I'll bet it performs sweet. But so do the new Toriums for a hell of a lot less.

    Well, just my thoughts.
  5. Jason Admin

    Fishwiz at least buy 1 trinidad and give it a season. You won't want the toriums anymore ;) There is a differance.
    They are smoother and last a lot longer. Toriums feel close but still not a trinidad.
    I try to buy quality as a rod and reel are the tools I have to work with.
    The first time I fished a trinidad I felt like I was cheating. They crank a fish up so fast and easy I wondered why I never bought one in the first place.

    Doughnut. Yes I think a lot of people buy what others hype. Either through advertising or their friends. I fished the Penn GS series for years because that's what my friends fished and liked.

    I think every company has a style of reel they make best. IE Penn internationals are proven, Shimano trinidads, Diawa sealines, Okuma cheap starter reels, progear YTS, accurate boss, etc...
  6. Nomad

    Its all about what you like and what you can afford. If you can afford the Trinidads and enjoy the way they fish then it may be worth it to you.

    Ego may be a factor for some, but not all. I fish trinidads on my private boat, most of the time the only person that sees them is the guy on the bait barge. I love the way they fish and I have tried most every other reel out there. There are some that cost more and many more that cost less. It's a matter of preference.

    I really don't care about impressing people - I just want to catch fish and I like using trinidads. My 2 cents worth.

  7. el Toro

    yeah Glenn I agree with Jason too. The Toriums are a good reel but they dont stack up to a Trini. I think they are a great compromise between cost and performance and that is why they are selling so many. But when performance is the only factor the Trinis win. That being said I still cant bring myself to buy one. I could afford it if I really wanted it but its just not worth the $$ to me. At least not when I have been catching fish on the old school shit for my entire life. Another factor I place right up there with performance is durability. I beat the crap outta my reels so I like them to last. And I like to work on them myself. I have some minor doubts about the durability of the Toriums and like all Japanese reels they are a bit trickier to work on. Not impossible, but its a good idea to keep a schematic handy. That being said the Toriums a a great reel for someone (unlike Jason) who works for a living and fishes once a week or so. :)
  8. doughnut

    I guess maybe ego was the wrong word. Crank length would be better! :D
  9. Jason Admin

    Oh gawd. Toriums are just as bad as a trinidad when it comes to little moving parts. Anyone that has taken a part a trinidad knows about the little stardrag clicker and how far it can launch...
  10. Ali Admin

    Hey Ken,

    The biggest difference I see is the drag technology. A nice and broken in penn 500 will cast about as well as any of the new reels.

    But stopping a fish is another story. I got rid of both of my Penn 500's when I had two loose drags in the same weeking during a good Tuna bite 10 years ago.

    I switched to the diawa sealines and I love them. By far the best bang for the buck.

    I just recently went to the Accurates. Papa J made me a deal I couldn't refuse. After pulling on a few fish with one you will apprecaite the difference. I can fish a MUCH smaller reel and catch bigger fish. Also, I fish so much I beat the crap of the diawas after about 3 seasons. I used to just list them on ebay and get about $75 for them an then go buy a new set.

    I pretty sure these Accurates will hold up for long time to come.

    Besides, they compensate for my unit. :D

    Go for what you like. But I think you would be much happied with reels that have the newer drag systems.

    Good luck.
  11. Jason Admin

    "I fish so much I beat the crap of the diawas after about 3 seasons."
    LMAO I went through 2 last year. My most fished reels. On the jigstick.
  12. kepdawg

    I have caught more fish on a penn 500 and 4/0's than anyother reel I've owned. The trinni's are cheating. The toriums and trinni's are just as easy to rebuild as your 30/40 star drag or even a 500. Just different lube and grease areas. Parts and drags ect are bank, compared to newwel, penn, ect.
  13. FishWiz

    I'll have to get me a Trini and put on a season. Opinion will probably change, but can't talk to much more about something I don't yet know. Sounds like a plan.

    I'll just have my wife call Jason when she sees the credit card statement. :asshole: