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Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by coryellk, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. coryellk

    Saltiga 30L or Accurate 270? I'm thinking of getting one of these two reels and wanted folks to chime in (like you are prone to do). I plan to use the reel for medium offshore (albies, yellowfin, yellowtail, etc) and intend to fill it full of either 50# or 65# spectra mated to a flourocarbon shock leader (10 to 20ft) of anywhere from 25 to 40# Seaguar as the situation dictates. Other recommendations would be helpful as well... Thanks! Kevin
  2. tackle junkie

    I have the Saltiga 20, 30T and the 40 and I love them. If you do a search on Accurate you might get an idea of some of the problems they have had in the past. On the other hand some guys swear by Accurate. I haven't had any problems with my Saltigas. If its a question of drag pressure the Saltigas have more than enough to handle medium offshore tunas and tails. If you can save an extra $100 or so you can get Accurate's new 2-speed version. Decisions, decisions...
  3. brokenseal

    I got the saltiga 30t and love it. LOTS of power. I have it spooled w/65 Jerry brown and 30 pline clear top shot, sometimes go w/floro leader. Caught 1st legal WSB (40#) at pyramid with ease and slayed huge yellows (25-30+)same day. Spanked YFT to 35# in Baja. This reel is bithchen!!!! You would not be disapointed.
  4. golfneveresq

    i have three saltigas. IMHO, finest star drag on the market.
  5. alantani

    my 30# rigs are going to be a pair of two speed accurate 270's with 50# hollow core and 30# berkeley high test with the drags set to 15#'s at strike.
  6. coryellk

    15# at strike; aggressive fishing!! I would expect no less from you... I like the Accurate for the drag and just plain engineering. I like the Saltiga for the left handedness (I prefer to do back to back/endless) casting with lefty reels. The Saltiga is renown for it's drag and bulletproof construction though. My 40# and 50# rigs are right handed Pro Gears (540) and Accurate 665's. I can cast them well enough with practice. I like the higher ratio that the Diawa has for lures and jigs. It seems with the lower ratio, the Accurate would be the better live bait reel. I'm also becoming a fan of straight spectra with fluoro shock leader. (Funny, I did that exclusively with Texas inshore fishing for years using calcutta te's and curados) It seems like some folks here are moving that direction. I think I'll just have to get both. Primarily using the Accurate for pitching live bait and use the Saltiga for irons and also as a live bait backup rig. I didn't expect to get as much support for the Saltiga. I'm sure some others will chime in... I still don't think anyone needs a two speed reel in less than 50# line.
  7. alantani

    i do. hey, i'm not proud. as for the 50% drag setting, the 30# berkeley high test is supposed to break at 47-48 pounds. forget the fluorocarbon. i want a bait that can swim, and i think they swim better dragging 30# anything then they will dragging anybody's 40#.
  8. coryellk

    I think fisherman are very much like thier prey. They like shiny things! The newest shiny thing out there is two speed reels. I often laugh at my kids (not so often at my wife now...) who claim they 'need' some thing because they 'want' it. I really think very few of us fishermen, NEED a two speed reel. (I do have a two speed EXW 4/0 for 60 - 80# line) But who am I kidding? I go out and buy two of the same reel with different ratios for live bait and lures!?!?!?! It's really a 'six or one half dozen' comparison.

    On a different note, I don't think there is much difference between a sardine toting 10' of 30# Seaguar or 10' of 40# Seaguar. You can almost bring a pair of good reels (Saltiga, Accurate, Pro Gear, and yes even Avets) with 50# or 65# spectra backing and run flourocarbon shock leaders from 15# to 50# depending on the fish (and thier teeth). Keep in mind that all of these reels can build 15+ pounds of drag that doesn't exceed 33% breaking strength of 50# spectra or 50# shock leader?

    As for being proud... Who among us doesn't show up to the proverbial knife fight (with a fish mind you!) toting some serious firepower? I don't. You won't find me throwing rocks.
  9. WreckinBall

    Of those two, I'd go with the Saltiga over Accurate. I fish the 30 and the 30T, and they're both outstanding reels. But, if I didn't already own them, I would take a hard look at the Penn Torque. Same $ ballpark, and maybe too heavy, but it's got monster drag, good freespool, and it's built like a tank.
  10. alantani

    a couple of years ago i found myself on a 10 day trip with the smallest dines i'd ever seen in my life. yeah, a couple of hundred scoops worth. the smallest reel i brought with me was my old tried and true 113h yellowtail conversion. trying to cast those small baits was killing me. the charter master loaned me a saltiga 30T. i switched out the drag washers and used that reel almost exclusively the entire trip.

    that reel saved my ass. the machine work and attention to detail are incredible. i recommend greased carbontex drag washers, but that's really all. for 50# spectra, a 40# topshot, and 15#'s of drag, it's a fabulous reel. oh, and i prefer the 30T to the original saltiga 30. the drag stack in the 30T is much more substantial.
  11. coryellk

    Thanks for the heads up! Is the 30L synonymous with the 30T or the original 30? Anyone know?