Red Tuna Shirt Club - Caption Contest - Ending April 16th, 2012

Discussion in 'Contests' started by brantc, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. brantc

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    Our friends from the Red Tuna Shirt Club are at it again.

    Here's your chance to win a three month membership for coming up with the best caption for the picture below:

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    Each month, Red Tuna unveils a new shirt featuring a top-rated saltwater charter business or guide service. One month's shirt might be from Costa Rica, the next from Alaska or Maui, but all of our shirts represent some of the top captains from the best fishing locations on the planet.

    Around the first of the month, that month's new shirt is shipped exclusively to Red Tuna members, along with some information telling that captain's unique story. That shirt then becomes a collector's item once a charter service gets the Red Tuna treatment, that t-shirt is retired forever.

    Contest ends April 16th at 5:00 PM

    If you're not familiar with the Red Tuna Shirt Club, learn more about them by clicking here:

    or go directly to their site and join:

    Join them on Facebook:


    1. Winner will be determined by BD staff and Red Tuna Shirt Club. Judges decisions are final. If you lose, just wait for the next contest and quit complaining that you got screwed.

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  2. makohunterz

    sad when sharks have better smokes than you or
    hey could i get a light
  3. seriola_killer

    Ever since befriending Orenthal dear ol' uncle Skeezix started displaying unusual patterns of behavior...
  4. pauladams

    Marlboro man out smokes the shark , or the shark got a better gar to smoke ( Man 1 / Shark 0 ) you make the call
  5. seriola_killer

    Disgusting. Tacky. Obscene. Tasteless…

    ...Sam’s closest friends had very harsh words about his obsession with turquoise.
  6. islanderman

    The mighty maneater's last wish was a Cuban but he had to settle for the cigar.

    (I dunno if that's politically correct or not, please let me know if it is and I'll remove it)
  7. seriola_killer

    Ever since getting screwed in family court, Tony patiently bided his time for the perfect opportunity to get back at his ex-wife’s attorney…
  8. BrotherP

    Pirate Bob and Mako Bill sharing a smoke at the island
  9. seriola_killer

    Makeshift Aftco Doo-rag: $10.00. Costa Del Mar sunglasses: $189.00. 5 days on the Red Rooster III: $1,685.00. Snagging a cigar-smoking Thresher on one of your wife’s 1980’s era earrings: Priceless.

  11. blownbudget

    I didn't know Monica Lewinsky fished.
  12. yrd

    I don't know who or what, but I DID hear "Smoke Em if ya got EM"!
  13. Gil Marlin

    Okay... who hid my teeth???
  14. Joser06

    Here's to swimming with bow legged women!
  15. slayeroffshore

    Making memories
  16. Surfdoc

    Family Reunion
  17. NorthShore41

    Bill Clinton had Monica's Head Mounted as well as the infamous cigar for his library
  18. PrairieSailor

    Shit eating grins are catching on.
  19. RocksandReds

    Man these cigars are to die for!!!
  20. RocksandReds

    What some people will give for a good cigar!!