Really Are Ya F'ing Kidding Me

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by ROCK FISH, May 20, 2012.

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    Well it seems like you can't trust anyone anymore anywhere at every launch.....Westport or LaPush. Someone CUT yes CUT one of the electric over hydraulic wires to my breaks on the boat trailer.I'm a bit chilled out now but when I found this wire I was soooo pissed:madfire::madfire::madfire::madfire: just to think of what could of happened just boggles my mind Nice Ya F'ing Jackwagon :finger::finger::finger::finger:

    So guys ckeck your trailers.
  2. Line '79

    That's just fuct!
  3. Line '79

    Good on Ya fer the alert. Sorry that people have no idea what $ goes into gettin a Bloody Deck, and obviously dont give a damn!
  4. Tacklebox

    Just a thought but have you tried asking the place for the security cam footage? I dont know if there is any but maybe you could find the person that did this...
    just a thought...
  5. Deviant

    That's just F'd up!
  6. Cougman

    i've heard of some fucked up things but really... Who'd you piss off?
  7. pura vida

    That sucks and I know how you feel as I returned to SI one night and some bastard took my Brake Reservoir Cap. The real bad news is that the company is out of business now.
  8. DaKanati

  9. Fish Slapper

    That sucks..i had someone steal the pin that held my hitch to the receiver at the Ranier Oregon launch several years back. I just happened to notice the safety chains were not hooked up and thought I just forgot to hook them up...thats all that kept my trailer from going in the river when I went to back down the looked like they stuck some sort of wooden "dowl rod" in the hitch to hold it until I started down the ramp.. Cops said it had been hapening allot recently...obviously I bought a locking pin right away.
  10. Fishin' Luhrs

    Was it Lapush or westport? Westport has security cameras
  11. bigdood

    daaaaaaayaaaaam, that's fooked

    It could of happened either ports but my guess is LaPush just because it seemed like the boat was pushing me on the way home.

    Kinda looks like they grabbed the black wire caseing , pulled the wires out and just cut one.The electrical tape looks pulled also.
  13. You must have fished someone's "secret spot"

    Ya no shit but they where all the same #'s as last year and i aint pissed anyone off that I know of....YET.
  15. Elkfins

    Jesus... What the hell are people thinking.
  16. BBQ BOB

    Some one stole my lock out tab 2 time at C Q on my traler . it cost me 28.00 from king trailers to replce it so i dont have the metal tab thats on top of the toung to lock it out any more.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  17. Hoghunter

    Sounds like someone specifically targeted your trailer so somebody is pissed at you. That's a really shitty thing to do to someone. If you had to emergency brake you would be screwed.
  18. Glad Wrap

    That is a bunch of BS. Did you piss someone off at the launch, maybe won the side pot someone was bitter?
  19. The Peddler

    Possible case of mistaken identity as well... Rock Fish may not have been the intended target. Either way, that's extremely chitty of someone to sabotage someone's safety.

    Nope boat was launched and no one was in line or waiting.Retrieved in line like everyone else and loaded on trailer in 3 min (dude was timing us).
    So yes it is BS