Reality check for kayakers

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by DEFIANCE, Feb 23, 2007.

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    This pic was taken after this juvenile White was released unharmed this past October off of Malibu in the Paradise Cove area. The interesting part is that the orange thing you see in the bottom of the photograph is my buddy's KAYAK. My bud took the photo, and fortunately it was while he was sitting upright in the kayak. He estimated the fish in the 250-300lb ballpark. He was fishing the threshers with macks for bait, and incidentally and unexpectedly had this little pig show up. I've told him that eventually a White or a large Mako would show up when he fished this way, as I've caught more than a few large Makos immediately offshore of this area and have had a White come up in my slick. I was on a nice big boat though. :D Fortunately for him, it was a small White that showed up, and it was only interested in his bag of mackerel. It certainly is a great picture, but it is a reality check for those that go offshore in little boats.

  2. tsurikichi


    Juvenile ...... Sooooos where's the picture of his or her mommy or daddy?LOL

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  3. Marcus

    Thanks for that. I may have to sell the yak now...............
  4. Jaydog

    Dude, that thing's teeth are 6', damn scary!!!
  5. Spyder

    Gee, thanks for sharing. I really didn't need to see that :eek: :shake: .
  6. Iceman

    Sure glad I don't have an orange kayak.

    I am certain none of the small boat folks want to see or read this one. But it is a real pic, taken at a popular location for the yakkers, and it really happened. It's a good thing it was not a huge Mako or adult White.

    I'll stick to the big boats, and I wish he would too. He has no excuse,as he has a big boat, and he can always fish on mine also. I can't get the yakker out of him.
  8. Jason Admin

    Cool pic. Did he land it? :D.
  9. Afry

    Here fishy fishy fishy! You fucking yakker's are nuts!

    Anybody want to go diving tomorrow?
  10. cksea

    GWs know there protected thats why they act like garabaldies.

    Yes, he caught and released it. Actually, I think he hooked it and it just came up to the boat (followed the boat). I agree, the yakkers are nuts. Tie a flying gaff hook to the bottom of those yaks and market them as Great White surface plugs.
  12. DeVo

    Holy shit!
  13. Johnnyfish

  14. tuna taxi

    WOW! That's a big fucker!!! What happens if you pet?
  15. jesse

    cool pic dude:)
    thats one fish you dont wanna see while slinging it up in surf:D
    Hell, even those little leopards are kinda scary.
  16. daniel-neill

    Just put a big trebble hook on the back of the yack, it looks like a taddy! :D

    :drunk :drunk :drunk
  17. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Shoulda free gaffed it:D
  18. speedgoat

    If memory serves me right, didn't a couple of kayaker's, UCLA students I believe, get eaten by a huge great white off of Malibu years back. When I say years back, I mean like 10-15 +/- years ago or something like that?

    I remember reading about finding pieces of the kayak with huge shark bites taken out of them.
  19. salty nuts

    The last couple of white pups that went to the Monterey Aquarium came from the Malibu area. The moms are roaming around. There have been several sightings of bigger ones.

    Am I the only one who doesn't see a kayak in that picture? And this is after releasing the shark and it is just hanging around for the photo? I'm not calling BS, just a little skeptical.