Raymarine C120 Classic

Discussion in 'Boat Accessories' started by gecsr1, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. gecsr1

    Got one no longer need one

    Wanting to buy Good Used Raymarine C120 Classic Chart Plotter.

    I just need the Chart Plotter , trunnion mount with knobs... Don't need any cables , etc.

    Will pay fair price...

    Please PM me here...

    Thanks :hali_olutta:
  2. sweetsorren

    Not sure if my trunnion mount will fit I didnt research diameters but I have a brand new trunnion mount for a E80 for $25.00
  3. gecsr1

    No It will not, I want the C120 and the trunnion mount, But thank You... and thanks a great price if anyone needs one....
  4. nordic flyer

    Love my 120! You just want the monitor?
  5. gecsr1

    Yes I want to up grade one of my C80's I want the bigger screen
  6. gecsr1