Rare Owls, and when pigeons attack!

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by MikeyLikesIt, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. MikeyLikesIt

    IN the HVAC trade, there is lots of roof work.....and guess where pigeons hang out?

    stole this off my HVAC site, where there is a whole forum dedicated to pigeons.......go figure........ :shake:

    I used to have a customer
    who complained about all the pigeons on his roof. So I put up two owls on ABS posts. And within a short time time were no pigeons.

    One time a while later I went to do some service or a repair and a guy came over:

    You can't go on that roof!

    Why is that?

    There are owls nesting up there - they can't be disturbed.

    Really? I guess my plastic owls attracted them. But I have to go on the roof - I have to fix the heating units.

    No; you can't.

    I won't bother the owls. And how do you know there are any real owls up there anyway?

    I've seen them. Come here and I'll show you.

    So we walk a good ways away so we can see over the parapet wall and he points up at one of my plastic owls.

    "There's usually one you can see from the front of the store too. It's a male and a female pair."

    That's a plastic owl. The one in the front is too.

    "No it's not - it moves it head to look at me sometimes. They watch me. I have been here taking pictures of them for a week or so. They are very rare around here."

    So he is excitedly going on and on about these rare owls and so forth when I break in:

    'Have you ever seen them flying?"

    I think so; yes.

    Well if you have - it's definitely wasn't That one. Because that is a plastic owl. It's screwed to that plastic pipe. See how it has no feet? Come up on the roof - I'll show you.

    I really have to insist that you not bother them. I've already called the wildlife people about them.

    OK; whatever you say - I have work to do.

    So I climb up and the guy stays down on the ground. Next door is a McDonalds and he is yakking to someone over there about how this should be protected habitat, how I am disturbing the owls, and blah, blah, blah.

    I get up there and walk over to the back owl. I put my hand on it and push it to make the ABS move back and forth. The woman he is talking to has her hand up to her mouth - like something in an old movie. I am laughing and then I really smack the owl and yell:

    See! They're fake owls!

    The guy is all pissed off and gets in his car and races off with gravel flying. I often wondered how many pictures he had taken of "the rare owls he found". <g>
  2. johnnylite

    You should have made it talk. It could have thanked him for his vigilance. LOL
  3. scorch

  4. jscrib

    Now that is funny. What a douche. LOL

  5. Hellbear

  6. shinerunner

    I wonder if he had a "real" girl friend
  7. Professor

    My day sucked. Now it's better.
  8. Shaka760

    :rofl:Funny shit right there!
  9. Kurt

    You can find a dozen more kooks like that staked out down by the Children's pool.

    What an idea? Some fake Seals LOL
  10. johnnylite

    No you need fake sharks just anchor em up off shore. Maybe have em full of Berkly shark gulp. LOL