Rare Newell G Series 440

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by Workplacesafety, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Workplacesafety

    I have a near perfect Newell 440F. This reel was never used much as the 500 series came out shortly after I bought it and I switched to them.

    It features stainless steel bearings, free spool hammer, and clicker button. Also has the classic Newell red striped handle and aluminum spool. This is a collector's item.

    Everything works well on the reel. Smooth drag, great free spool and very quiet winding for an early Newell.

    Price is $175.00 P.M. me with questions. Prefer pick-up I live in Northern Orange Co. Ca. but will ship at your expense. Thanks for looking. Pictures aren't so hot I'm still trying to figure out this camera of mine.

    Thanks, Jeff

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  2. Workplacesafety

    More realistic Price, Now $140.00
  3. Workplacesafety

    P. M. replied
  4. ozone

    Pm sent
  5. Workplacesafety

    Sold!!! Thanks, Adam
  6. ozone

    Thank you, nice newell