Rancho Leonero

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by The OG Hooookup, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. I booked a trip to Rancho Leonero in September. Anyone on here ever been there? If so any input would be rad.
  2. bloodyboot

    yea, I heard of it. It's a place for fags, you can fish naked, and play leap frog.
  3. Dive shop time Goose? :FU:
  4. Gil Marlin

    It's too late now, you've already paid. Bring condoms and lube, the natives are horny. And say hello to Sr. Divertido (Roy Baldwin), he's the CFO down there. Tell him Gil from Percebu sent you... :)
  5. Does that mean i'll get a reach around?
  6. Exodus

    I've only been to the East Cape once and that's where I stayed. The service was great and the fact that meals were included in the price made it easy on the wallet. My wife and kids had a good time as well. The fishing overall wasn't great when I was there, but still caught some fish and would definitly go back.

  7. bloodyboot

    what time of the year did you go
  8. Annieo

  9. Exodus

    The end of August and it was a few years ago. There were plenty of fish caught when we were there, just not WFO.

  10. Leonero is starting to sound not so good
  11. Fish-n-Time

    I've been there three times in the last three years, mostly Spring time around Easter.
    No complaints. This year fishing first week of Sept. with a couple of guys from work.
    Previous trips the wife reads and lounges by the pool while I fish.
    I've not gone looking to load up on fish to bring home, just enjoying the time on the water catching some fish and someone else doing the driving.
    Very low key place.
    Food is good and they will cook what you catch, but t-bones and carna asada aren't too shabby either. If you get YFT have them make sashimi, its great.
    Took my parents last year and they want to go back again. Pretty cool since they are 75+.

  12. Gil Marlin

    The place is great, Rooster Fish off the beach and a nice reef right in front to snorkle at. When the fishing is good, it's good near there. First class accomodations, pool etc. You'll have fun... :)
  13. Paisan

    It's a great place. I just returned from a trip there over the memorial day holiday. I've been going there for the last 10 years or so, always in the spring, and often between Sept and November too. With the exception of this last trip, the fishing has ALWAYS been great. This year the water is cooler than normal for this time of year. But by September, it will be just fine. Also, the Blue and Black Marlin will have moved in, along with stripers and sails, the BIG Wahoo and Dorado, some nice tuna, sierra roosters and pargo. You'll even find the odd swordie.

    You won't regret having gone.. guaranteed.
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  14. T-BONE1

    Is that your girlfriends ass in your picture?
  15. No. That's her girlfriends ass in the picture :)
  16. bloodyboot

    that my ass
  17. DaGoose

    You talkin to me?

    BTW...wifey and I will be there in August for a week.

    It's always good to be on the East Cape and in good ole Mex.

    Tight Lines,

  18. T-BONE1

    Does she fish? Im in love....
  19. sealskinner

    I think John still has a fleet of yaks. Nice reef just off the hotel. The big draw is the billfish and the YFT. But there is soo much more to catch there. Plus Pulmo reef is great for snorkeling. I'd go.
  20. aguachico

    Just don't go during the full moon.