Rancho Leonero Report 8/23-8/29

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by DaGoose, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. DaGoose

    Short story: 5 days of slow fishing with wifey in paradise. 1 small stripey, 2 roosterfish, 2 yellowfin, 1 small dodo, and 2 skipjack.

    Long Story: Took advantage of the off-season special where rooms are 1/2 price. Wifey and I had high hopes for some East Cape style fishing and enjoying the essence of old baja since our last visit to Leonero more than 10 years ago.

    The Ranch had not changed much, which was good. Just a few more rooms. The staff was wonderful. Nick was a great host. Our room, #13, a view bungalow with a porch, was SWEEEEET. It was still paradise old East Cape style.

    I must say the food overall was a bit disappointing. A lot more self-serve buffets for breakfast and dinner than last time lacking the authentic baja flair we love so much. Maybe that's the norm for resorts in the area catering to gringos. The juevos rancheros were great when offered. The BBQ dinners were authentic and desserts very tasty. In between lunch and dinner, the kitchen will make some great specialties if requested. The guacamole, salsa and chips rocked. If you like it raw, give them a yellowfin for sashimi complete with wasabi and soy. Share it with your compadres.

    The bar was most excellent. Watch out for the margaritas, tasty and deadly. I couldn't stop drinking them though :720icon: We met a lot of very cool people and made some new friends.

    On to the fishing: Day 1
    Fished with Peter on Don Jimmy, a super panga. Peter is 21, the young buck capitan, and he worked his ass off for us each day. Set up all my rods and got us ready for the day. This boat is not in the Leonero fleet so you can only book it if their boats are used. It's a little smaller than the other super pangas but great for 2 people. Worked out and north for billfish. Tina spots a stripey first thing in the morning. Baited it on my favorite bouncing rod. The tip snapped 14 inches down on the hookset. I was lucky enough to catch it, a small 70lber but a billfish nonetheless. Had some sailfish in the spread a few times but none would stick. Tina got a small dodo trolling bait, released to get big. Nice weather all day.

    Day 2
    Fished with Peter again. Headed south to start for some tuna. Weather was nice but ominous clouds moving in from the south. Peter looks at it and says "strong winds coming". Dropped mackies down 200 feet. Tina got a skipjack and I got a 15lb class yellowfin. Then all hell broke loose with the weather. 30 knot winds and short steep seas. Beated into it for a bit getting absolutely soaked to the bone. Headed for the barn slow trolling baits for a while then cried uncle. Back at the ramp at 10:30 to find many other boats already there. Watched it lay down in the afternoon from the bar with some fine sashimi and a few margies :D

    Day 3
    Fished with Santos on the Guapo, a 26ft super panga. Santos was referred to us by fellow BD'ers. He is definitely "the man" and an absolute pleasure to spend a day on the water with. Started south for tuna. It was amazing to watch him triangulate over the spots with only visual references. Tina got a skipjack and I got another 15lb yellowfin. Worked the structure for a while for no joy and headed out for billfish. Tina and Santos spotted some tailers 4 times. Santos let me drop the baits back. I got marlin fever and sucked big time. Got one biter but I didn't set the hook like he told me to. Tina fought it for a few minutes before the hook pulled with a jump. ARGHHHHHHHH.

    Day 4

    Fished with Santos on Guapo again. Decided to try for roosterfish. Headed south and got some mullet from the bait guys in front of La Ribera then off to Punta Arena. What a gorgeous area! Slow trolled for a while and Tina get's bit. A nice dodo comes flying out of the water but spits the big bait. A little bit later I get bit and set the hook (finally did something right....) on a roosterfish. Tina does a great job and gets it. A fine 30lb specimen. Dropped em back in I get another biter. Another rooster about the same size! Decided to try for billfish and a shot at drop back redemption. Found a porpoise school with several boats working the yellowfin. Santos watched them work area then stopped the boat in perfect position as they came right back to us. No joy though. Did this for a bit and moved on. Had a stripey in the port jigs. Einstein here casted the bait over the whiskey line. It sank out. I suck. But another great day on the water.

    Day 5
    Fished with Peter on Don Jimmy. Our last day so decided to try for a billfish. The yellowfin had picked up pretty good but we didn't go all this way for that kind. Tina spotted a sleeper right off the bat. Peter put a great cast on it but it sank out. Worked it all day with other boats in the area picking up a few stripeys and sails. Just as it was time to head in, a boat nearby get's a sailfish. Shortly after that we get one in the rigs. Peter drops the bait back perfectly again but no joy. Oh well, there's always next time.

    Sorry for the late report.


    RL Marlin BD.jpg RL Tina skippy BD.jpg RL Storm BD.jpg RL Tina Rooster BD.jpg RL Rick Santos BD.jpg RL Corona BD.jpg RL Sunrise BD.jpg
  2. sealskinner

    Great job Goose. How about some more pics of the wife? Shes hot.
  3. Ali Admin

    Nice Report Rick.

    It's hard to have a bad time down there!
  4. Stanley

    Great report, Rick. I was wondering how you did down there.

    Some of my best memories down there is kickin' it on the porch of our hootch after a day of fishing, just watching the birds work the beach.

    Welcome back.
  5. Gil Marlin

    It sounds like you had a good time. Did you snorkle the reef???
  6. DaGoose

    Gil, I snorkled in the bar and on the veranda. It was safer that way.



  7. Mot's Sr.

    Rick, great post, glad you and Tina had a good time.

    Let's go get some butts man.