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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by JOELOVESFISHNG1, Dec 2, 2007.

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    This Saturday My cuzin and I fished Rancho cucamonga Guasti Off the 10 freeway archibald exit. arrived at 8:30 on the north west end of the big lake and cought our limits by 12:30 we used rainbow power bait, number 18 trebble hook, 1ft 4lb test leader, 1\4oz weight, about 15ft out the fish were realy close but we also caught a few on farther casts 30ft out. The trout were 1.5lb to 3lb mount lasin trout. if any one is planing on going in the future they stock every thursday sp no one can fish till friday 7:30am adults are $7 parking is $5 kids are $4 weekends parking is $7 only difference. if your not fishing you dont have to pay they have a snak bar and restrooms also BBQ pits so if you wanted to take the familey out and wet the line guasti is the spot good luck and tight lines Joe.

    fishing 457.jpg fishing 458.jpg fishing 460.jpg
  2. bassmaster420

    where is this place? pm me if you want.
  3. Buttchaser

    Wtg Joe, That place is cool , I like Casting the Superdupers, and Mini jiggs at the big lake ,Lots of fun....
  4. NoLDR

    Post location here as I am interested as well thanks for the report
  5. Buttchaser

  6. @-EZ

    I wish they would stock Miramar Lake with some those size... Congrats.
  7. Crabb Claw

    Turner's Outdoorsman
    They got soem good trout tournaments coming up Dec. 15th. Guasti is the first part of the circuit. In case anyone is interested in the drive to the IE.