QUESTION: Phonicians Launch Ramp

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by force21, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. force21

    Went to launch at Phonicians Boat ramp before Ahi Fever & was approached by someone who works there & was told "if the boss see's you using this ramp he will charge you $25 bucks". Does anyone know if this is a PRIVATE USE RAMP only? The info I was given since Ko Olina Marina broke down their ramp, that this one was made available for boaters to use.
  2. da reel man

    glenn i hear that you need to register with them or your truck will be towed. i have no contact info but i can take a drive and check for you. my problem with that ramp is its too flat scared ill flood my truck lol. not to mention scratching up the boat on the concrete walls
  3. patfishhi

    Semi-private and i think the annual fee is around $125. When Fred first opened it up went and looked at it, talked to some guys who launched out of there and decided it was not for us. So yes there is an annual fee BUT I am aware of a few guys who still use it regularly and have not signed the agreement.

  4. force21

    Pat, isn't this a State built ramp out of our taxpayers money? Doesn't our "Ramp Fee" we pay for our trailered boats pay for this facility?
  5. force21

    Howzit Cuz, I appreciate the offer to look up the "fee", but I want to know isn't this a State of Hawaii launch ramp? If so I do pay annual ramp fee's for my trailered boat!
  6. patfishhi


    QUALIFIER: I am not aware of all the details so this is mostly just here-say. Plus there has been some write ups in HFN; but a whole bunch of water has passed under the bridge since then (bad memory).

    When Ko'olina wanted to shut down their facility (semi-private) Fred Anawati (Owns Marisco) and was also involved in the Ko'olina marina; he offered up his commercial ramp as an option and would make it available in a semi-private use. I guess this satisfied the DLNR (or whoever) Ko'olina shut down and the Phoenecian came in to being as a semi-private facility.

    I would then deduce that the ramp is marisco's (DBA Phoenecian) and not State, that's just a guess. I know there are some people on here that know the details pretty well.

  7. force21

    Hopefully somebody out there who knows can shed some light on this issue.
  8. k_lures

    We launch there fairly regularly and you do need to sign up. It is either $25 per use or around $125 per year and they give you stickers for your trailer and boat. The office is just inside the gate at the boat yard and you have to show them registration and insurance papers for your car, trailer, and boat.

  9. SloTroller

    Here's a bit of history for those who might not already know.

    Ko Olina wanted to dredge these nifty coves for their hotel guests. The State said "OK" but in exchange, Ko Olina had to provide public access to the coves as well as a public boat ramp in the marina.

    So that's how the boat ramp came to be.

    By the way, I used to fly over the coves during the dredging process. Tons of crushed coral silt clouded up the water for a few miles along that part of the coastline. You can guess the sort of permanent damage that was done.

    So fast-forward to 2005. Without warning, Ko Olina decides to demolish the ramp.

    What the State should have done in retaliation was to declare the coves as public beach. It's been done before: When the owner of Coconut Isle in Kaneohe Bay dredged the surrounding bay to expand the island, the State declared all of that to be State property.

    When Ko Olina broke its agreement with the State, the State should have declared the coves State property.

    But there was a lack of will somewhere in the administration. Or perhaps it just didn't matter to the people in charge.

    Fortunately we have folks such as Creighton Chang who pursued the issue and helped win a judgement against Ko Olina.

    Here's what Creighton and his friends discovered: Docket No. A83-562 Finding of Fact, Conclusion of Law and Decision and Order. Item #33 of that document stated, “a 36 acre recreational and commercial marina with a public boat launch ramp” was required as part of the development at Ko’Olina.

    They're now legally required to build adequate boat launch facilities in the marina. Exactly when that will happen is anyone's guess but with people like Creighton involved, you can rest assured that it will get done. Probably in 2012.

    Just to make a point, several people had to take the time and energy to pursue this matter. And they had to be very persistent. It's this kind of engagement that our fishing community needs to survive. Because there are a lot of people out there who want to bring our lifestyle to an end.
  10. force21

    Mahalo, for the response, over the decades of fishing in the Islands (being chased out of Pearl Harbor ferryboat landing by Navy cops) and other "rights of way" (Kailua) I feel for my "Ohana" not seeing the way we could enjoy the ocean & shoreline freely. I WILL NOT stand in the way of changes needed to keep the "aina" for future generations to enjoy, but BLOCKING ACCESS & LYING to the PUBLIC is NOT PART OF THE WAY WE GREW UP! I feel sorry for the future generation living in the Islands not being able to enjoy what I grew up seeing & enjoyed!
  11. dausualinc

  12. grander007

    Wow, that is so unfair to fishermen...why so much time to replace it? They could do it in 2 weeks...if they wanted to...
  13. jonesd055

    They should shut the resort down until it's built, bet it would be done in faster then two weeks!

  14. East Side

    Yup week-week ina half.

    Called....Dragging Ass:Poop_and_Run:. Seems like they know how to do that pretty well.
  15. SloTroller

    If the State demanded a multi-million dollar fine, took back the coves to become public property, or if it meant facing jail time for some top executive, you can certainly bet it would get done very, very fast.

    And it would be among the best boat ramp facilities in Hawaii!
  16. grander007

    Ko olina really acted in bad faith in closing it, setting up an inadequate dangerous alternative and now delaying putting it back...sad to see...not surprised at the States 3rd world handling of it, however...
  17. jd808

    We didn't know was semi-private ramp (launched before light) and they towed my truck and trailer to Ewa. Talk about humbug. The ramp is junk anyway; too shallow and concrete walls way too high.
  18. SloTroller

    The Phoenicians ramp isn't really a public access ramp. Unlike other public boat launch facilities (Hawaii Kai, Heeia Kea, Haleiwa, Waianae), someone can't just go there, launch a boat and go fishing. Therefore it doesn't fulfill the requirements set forth by the agreement between the State and Ko Olina.