Question on fishing in mexican waters

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by gecsr1, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. gecsr1

    Due to the fact that we do not need a mexican boat permit any longer (so I understand), I and all guest on my boat have their mexican fishing licences. my question is even though we don't go to any foriegn ports , do we need to have a passport for personal indentification or not? or proof of citizenship.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Full Eclipse

    Yes, all passengers need passports as far as I know even though you are not going ashore.
  3. jimgilmour

    i would, you never know what will happen in mex , just saying you end up in a Mexican port how are you going to get home .
  4. TeamGracza

    Good question Gary,I had the same question.Thanks
  5. shinerunner

    everyone on board needs a passport to produce for US customes, friend of mine found out that one the hard way.
  6. gecsr1

    Thanks for the info, went and to the post office and got my passport on the way. So instead of spending a 135.00 on a mexican boat permit I spent in on a passport.....

    well could have been worse... could have had to buy both....

    no complaints.... just venting.... "it is what it is"
  7. gonsurfn

    Photo ID (CA license) and Birth Certificate is acceptable also from what i heard if you dont have a passport.
  8. theBajabum Advertiser

    In order to operate a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary to hold a valid boat permit and personal fishing licenses for everybody aboard the boat, regardless of age and whether they are fishing or not. A Fishing License is not required when fishing from land.

    Only one rod or line with hook is permitted in the water, per person, but there is no restriction regarding the number of replacement items.

    This fishing license allows to capture only fin fish. It does not allow to capture any mollusks or crustaceans, and their capture by anyone is strictly prohibited. Totuava, turtles, and marine mammals are under protection of the Ministry and may not be captured at any time.

    To capture bottom fish, up to four hooks on a vertical line may be used.
    The use of electronic reels is restricted to disabled fishermen only, after written authorization for the Ministry before use.
  9. Kingfish

    This is what I have heard, am I wrong?

    Permits for the boat are no longer required in Mexican waters as of this year. Every person on the boat no matter how old must have a mexican fishing permit, even if they are not fishing.
  10. crazy hawaiian

    Bajabum is wrong when it comes to boat registration. That requirement was eliminated this year. Renewer my fishing license a couple months ago and I inquired about it when I was at the Mexican fisheries office. The nice lady showed me the fishing license form where it is clearly stated that NO boat licenses are required.
  11. tunark

    It is "theBajabum" not "Bajabum". Bajabum is a different person. Sorry for being anal but I know Bajabum and he has the straight dope.
  12. crazy hawaiian

    Sorry for the confusion over names, but even so he is wrong about the boat registration requirement. Did you actually read what I said in my post?