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Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by Allfish, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Allfish

    My wife and I are visting Costa Rica for the first time in March. We plan to fish out of Quepos on March 7th, prefer offshore. It is just the 2 of us so we don't need a boat any bigger than 24' to 28'. I could sure use some advice on the area, recommendations for a charter, etc. Any feedback will be much appreciated.
  2. PuraVida2U


    The majority of charter boats working from Quepos are 31' and up, the really good crews that produce good numbers of fish on a daily basis are running those boats, not that smaller boats don't fish as well, but the crew is who is going to be putting you on the fish not the boat. If you are only going to fish one day, I suggest you make it count with a reliable crew. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions.

    Fred Stephens
  3. brantc

    Get in touch with Fred personally....he'll set you up on a nice vacation.
  4. newcomer

    I fished with Chris on Kinembe.I had 7 sails on the 1st day.You should be bang on the sails i was there the last week of feb 1st week of march.I posted on the{looking for a few good boats}thread
    His boats 25,30ft with twin yamahas,good tackle etc,etc,He has a web site it should be on the above post.Pg 3
  5. builder

    I agree, you can't go wrong fishing with Chris. We out fished everyone else in our vicinity when I went out with him last May (think a picture of my fat ass is even on his website somewhere). Some may say he's an asshole, which he kind of is, but he's my kind of asshole and a hell of a fishermen. You'll definitely have a good time with him and catch plenty of fish, plus you'll have a tough time beating his prices for a comparable fishing experience.
  6. Allfish

    Thanks guys, we are booked with Chris for March 8th on Kinembe II. I'm stoked! Have never been sailfishing. Stuck in inland Texas and stripers are as close as I get to salt water fish on any kind of a regular basis.
  7. get some BD Writer

    You are going to have a blast!
    Chris is one of the coolest captains I have ever fished with.
  8. surf n turf

    We fished with Chris in January this year. He was a good captain with a little bit of an east coast attitude, but he worked his a$$ off the whole time and also spent some extra time out to make sure we got one in the boat during a tough bite. I'll fish with him again if I ever get back down to Quepos.
  9. Mr trigger

    Fish with Capt Dornaldo of the Dream Chaser you can find him in any fishing office down there his number is 8-87-74022 he has fished there for 30 years no one is better. 31 foot Bertram great condition. Speaks english him and his son Jose the 1st mate. And if you are in Flamingo Costa Rica come with me Flamingo-fishing.com on the Mr Trigger. Have a great vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. got2fishsd

    I fished with Chris and he is one hell of a captain. I would fish with him again.

    Fished with Chris on Kinembe a few years ago, fishing was tough but we still put some Roosters, Mahi, and Pargo on the boat. No complaints.

    He was a fun guy to fish with and knew his shit. He worked hard finding fish.

    I'd fish with him again next time I go to CR.